Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Book Review: Mommies Make Pancakes with Tyler

I feel that Tyler Makes Pancakes (by Tyler Florence & Craig Frazier) needs a second mention. The reason is not just because it is a fun and adventures read, but because it also brought four moms together to cook some amazing pancakes. We try to get together about once a month so our kids play together. We take advantage of this time to exchange stories, gossip and talk about issues that effect us and our kids. Another reason for me, maybe my favorite-- we just love to share our favorite dishes! 
Tyler Makes Pancakes was a treat for us because we were able to read a fun story to our kids and make a delicious dish together. “First it seems like there are a lot of ingredients but then you realize they combine well to make very good tasting pancakes,” says Tristan’s mother, Cynthia. “The blueberries melt perfectly in the pancakes and add the perfect amount of sweetness. The story does well of describing to the reader where the ingredients for the pancakes come from. A simple story to read for breakfast and a great recipe to make any day” she said.
Cynthia whipping up the pancake batter

Both the mothers and the kids had fun. Raudel’s mother Lindsay says, “He (Raudel) loved being able to mix his own batter and was super excited to eat what he helped make.” Abbey, my daughter, tossed her fork aside and decided the best way to eat her pancakes was with her hands. I do have to mention that we did add a bit more milk to make the batter a little thinner than the recipe asked for.  
We look forward to getting together again and make some more tasty meals. Though sometimes it is more work to cook with the kids, it’s a great adventure to have together. Until next time-- Bon Appetit!