Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Events: Plum Organics Taste Test

It seems like everyday you hear of a new organic product that says it is the best choice for our kids. Many of
Katie getting a serving of the Little Cremes
these may be healthy, but many also fail to pass a taste test with our children. Well, one company that has continued to measure up for me and my daughter in both health and taste is Plum Organics.

Plum Organics was put to the test when they came out to one of the West San Fernando Mothers and More meet-up dates. Its products had to take on the toughest critics... our toddlers. Well, the kids just ate them up. We, the moms, were ecstatic that they were enjoying these healthy snacks. Plum Organics "Mish Mash" products have solid nutritional fruit and vegetables value. Camden had to be cut off from the pomegranate, beet & berry "Little Cremes." While Abbey and Katie indulged in the purple, roots & fruit Mish Mash.
Abbey enjoying her Mish Mash

It's hard to find a product that parents approve of and our kids will enjoy. When this does happen, we want to tell all of our friends!

All Plum Organics products come in BPA free packaging and certified organic. It has a great variety of healthy snacks for infants to toddlers. For more information on Plum Organics products you may go to  http://plumorganics.com.