Saturday, November 10, 2012

Reviews: Baby Carriers for All Moms

Baby carriers have been around for at least 37 years when the Bjorn baby carrier was introduced. Since then we have been introduced to the Ergo, Beco, Boba, Moby Wrap and I am sure there are more. But it's only when you become a mother that you truly understand that they are a wonderful necessity.

When I first became a mother I borrowed a Bjorn from a friend because I wasn’t sure I would like using a carrier. Well I was wrong. It was the best thing that happened to me. I would take hour long walks with my daughter to get back in shape or to get her to nap. Everywhere I went, she was attached to me. As she got older I had her face forward so she could see the world in a new way. I would point things out to her and do touch and feel with her. This not only helped her, but it also helped me. It helped me feel closer to her as she continued to grow. It can be an adjustment carrying a baby outside your body when you carried them inside for 9 months inside. Your not always prepared for that. I found that the baby carrier helped me to maintain that connection.

There are several carriers out there and there is not a best one. There is the best one for you and your child. I have found among my friends and mothers group that the commonly used carriers are: Bjorn, Ergo, Beco and Moby Wrap. Again, it's all about finding what is right for you. I am hoping that by reading this it will give you an idea of what fits best for you. There is no right or wrong.

How did you come across this carrier?

Bjorn Mom: I registered for it at Babies R Us while expecting my first child.
Beco Gemini Mom: In my Mommy & Me class at Mothers' Haven, we discussed the benefits of "squat-seating" carriers as opposed to "crotch-dangling" carriers for infant spinal development.  The Becco Gemini was recommended over the Ergo, which I already had, because it allowed for forward and backward facing in the front carry position and because it had more padding.
Ergo Mom: I have the organic ergo in blue Recommended by a friend and read lots of reviews
Moby Wrap Mom: My friend had one before I had kids and I thought it was so cool. It's the only one I tried with my daughter.

How long did you use it for or are you still using it?

Bjorn Mom: I've used it for both of my children up until they reached the weight limit so about a year each time.
Beco Gemini Mom: Still using it; it's been about 1 year
Egro Mom: I am still using it and it's been 2 years.  Got it when Camden was about 4 months old and am still using it with Bailey who is 10 months now.
Moby Wrap Mom: I used it for about 6 months with my first daughter, mostly because she was the only one and I had her in a stroller a lot. I am still using it currently with my 7 month old.

How durable has it been?
Bjorn Mom: It's still in great shape, even after both kids!
Beco Gemini Mom: Very durable; hasn't even faded after several washings
Ergo Mom: Very durable, a little fading from the wash
Moby Wrap Mom: The Moby wrap is durable, however I think it has stretched out a little bit over the last 2.5 years. The nice thing is, every time you put it on you can cinch it more and tighten it if needed.

What are the perks of having this carrier for you and your child?

Bjorn: the closeness. I love having my little ones close and still being able to have two free hands!
Beco Gemini Mom: Versatility - grows with the child without having additional pieces to buy (unlike the Ergo); allows for front, side, and back carrying; allows for forward and backward facing in front-carry position; great support for baby; adjustable crotch width adds to baby's comfort and makes front carrying easier on mom's back as child grows; comes in a variety of neat designs so it feels more individual
Ergo Mom: Very easy and quick to put on and then baby fits in quickly too.  Used the infant insert when Bailey was a newborn up to 5 months.  Andy (hubby) has also used it to carry Camden and the straps are easily adjustable.
Moby Wrap Mom: The best thing about this carrier is the versatility. There are (I think) 7 ways to wrap it. It can grow with the child and be used to accommodate a child's favorite position. It is also super compact. I can fold it so small that it fits easily in my diaper bag. The only down side might be how silly I look putting it on.

What suggestions would you give mothers that doesn't have a carrier?

Bjorn: Get one! But make sure it will fit a wide range of weight, for instance, newborn to 35 pounds
Beco Gemini Mom: Test it out on baby first.  You don't have to have a carrier as soon as you get home from the hospital.  Whether you try it on at the store or borrow it from a friend to take for a test run, baby's got to be comfortable in it or it won't get used!
-If you do feel you must have a carrier before baby is born, be prepared to buy a second one later on!
-Make sure the whole thing can go in the wash.
-Learn about the implications of squat-sitting versus crotch-dangling for a child's spinal development before you buy.  That knowledge may very well impact your decision.
Ergo Mom: A carrier is a must have for all sorts of activities outside or inside the home - shopping with 2 kids especially; bonding with baby; when my babies were/are fussing and won't sleep I carry them for a couple of minutes and that puts them to sleep. I can still go about doing household chores and cooking with them in the carrier.  I use my carrier almost on a daily basis and it probably is my best baby buy.
Moby Wrap Mom: For mother's that don't have a carrier, I would suggest "trying out" a variety of different carriers. Put your friends carriers on, borrow them for a couple days and see what you like/dislike about each one. You want to make sure the carrier is comfortable for you. Even a 6lb baby seems heavy when you are carrying them like a kangaroo. :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Barack Obama 44th President

However, we may feel about our elected President Barack Obama, lets wish him luck. May our children see a better tomorrow. This can only start by us parents supporting each other and being the best parent we can be.