Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review: Ergo Baby Carrier in Demand

Moylene with baby Bailey
I am so excited to be back to my mother’s blog. I gave birth to our second daughter, Madeleine, a little over two months ago. I am so ready to get her into an Ergo baby carrier. I didn't have the opportunity to use the Ergo the first time around with Abbey, and I heard great things about it. I heard that it was comfortable, easy to use, and the fabric felt great. I did try using it once, but by that time Abbey was just over a year old and refused to get in. This time I wanted to make sure I tried it early. As some of you mothers know, when you have a second child you are forced to get up and about sooner than later. You need to get that toddler playing with their friends and you need to be comfortable going our with more then one child. 

After being home for a couple of weeks, we all needed to get out. By that I mean my toddler (Abbey), my newborn (Madeleine), my dog (Sushi) and myself. So I decided to try and take us all on a walk and to test the Ergo carrier with the baby insert. I rolled up Madeleine like a burrito with the baby insert and strapped her in. Once that was done, I was ready to go. Abbey jumped into her ladybug tricycle, and I put the leash on Sushi. I was a bit nervous, but after making it down the block I felt comfortable and at ease. We had a great walk. As a new mom again, I am enjoying these walks all over again-- when my newborn is pressed against me and we glide together. With the Ergo I did feel my little one was protected well from the windy and chilly day.

Cassandra loved her Ergo. She said, "I could not live without my Ergo! 3 kids later and a million washes and it's held together like brand new." Although I don't think Ergo condones this, my friend Sabina said she was able to breastfeed her little ones while they were in the carrier. Wow! How helpful will that be as i try to keep up with Abbey! As for how it feels on Cassandra, she said, "it forces you to carry your weight on your shoulders and not on your lower back which most carriers don't tend to do."

I am very excited to continue my journey with the Ergo, but I have to admit the straps are a bit of a problem with me. It just takes me a while to snap the straps behind my shoulders. I don't recall it being an issue when I last tried the Ergo, but I never tried it with the insert. What I do suggest is to look into which one is right for you. I tried the adorable petunia pickle and i am heartbroken that it's just not the right fit for me. It felt bulky and again I had problems with the straps. With that said, I did also try the organic baby carrier and it was great. It was much easier for my body frame (5’3” and small). So when looking into the Ergo, be sure to look into the best option for you. To look into Ergo baby carriers go to