Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wrapped Around My Moby Wrap

Mommy Lindsay and baby Piper
I have heard great things from many mothers about the Moby Wrap, and while I was at the Pump Station for an event, I was told that it's a best seller. I was excited from all the hype and had to try it myself. And just the other day I saw a mother with her newborn tucked in the Moby Wrap like a baby Kangaroo. 

I did a little research and found that many of my mommy friends have tried them at one time or another. Unlike other carriers the Moby Wrap holds the baby with one piece of fabric. One mother on our mommy Facebook page said that the fabric discouraged her from trying it. I myself was reluctant to try it for the same reason. The length of the fabric overwhelmed me. Then I was on the phone with my friend, Mercedes, and she told me that she had been getting her house work done and taking care of her toddler with the help of the Moby Wrap. Seriously, I need that help! I also felt at that point (Madeleine was 6 pounds) the other carriers were not quite right for my newborn, yet. I also asked some of my mommy friends on Facebook what they preferred and Kara said, "LOVED the Moby Wrap! Super cumfy and you can wear it a bunch of ways." When I looked through the wrapping options they even had one to help you breast feed, as you could feed your little one while he or she is all wrapped up. How great is that?! I had to try it. I would be a fool not too.

So there I went. Step one-- pulled out the directions. Step two-- take out the crazy long fabric. Step three-- started to wrap. Step four-- put baby in wrap. Step five—totally enjoyed it! What is even more fabulous is the AMAZING fabric. It's super thick, warm, and it's 100% cotton with a feel of Egyptian cotton. It truly feels like a second layer of skin. I just loved it. My little one felt as close as she could feel since I gave birth. While playing outside with my older child, Abbey, I still feel the closeness of me and my newborn (well now she is almost three months!). It also took away some of my guilt from not having the same one-on-one time with her, as I did with my first. Thank you Moby.

My plan for the Moby after baby? I will get myself a hot cup of tea and wrap myself up with the Moby and watch Sense and Sensibility!