Thursday, May 30, 2013

Review: Bjorn On The Go

You can say that the Bjorn Baby Carrier is the pioneer of the baby carriers. It made it's debut in1975 overseas long before any of the popular carriers of today. That just so happens to be the same year I too made my debut! Well in the fall of 2011 we finally met.  My daughter, Abbey, was just 3 months old when my friend Stacey gave me her Bjorn baby carrier. From the very beginning, both Abbey and I loved it. 

Abbey wasn't the best napper, so I would put her in the Bjorn and take a nice long walk. We had some great mommy and me time while walking almost every day. I remember clearly one day when she looked up from the carrier and noticed the trees. She looked up and was in awe by what she was looking at. Because I was hands free I could look down at her and enjoy the moment. As she got older I was able to turn her around so she could see more. This made it fun, because we would do touch and feel games while walking. The Bjorn is one of two carriers (Beco being the other) that I know of that has the ability for rear and forward facing positions. Oksana, mother of Mark, says she likes it because, "[the] Baby Bjorn organic carrier, it's super comfy. Mark used to fall asleep in it.... Plus you can face your baby front wise so he/she can see what is going around;)" This too is my favorite feature. I feel that it helped Abbey be part of my whole world around me and not limited to peaking in from the sides. When I turned her around she just giggled away. My second daughter, Madeleine, now does the same thing. She almost jumps for joy to look in the same direction as me.

Lindsay, mother to Raudel and Ilan says that for her the durability was key-- "It held great after two kids" She went on to say to make sure to look at the variety of weight maximum. This is one thing you should do if you plan to be very active,  as I am. I've heard some mothers complain about the back pain. This could be because of the style is not a perfect match. Also, you have to make sure that you have it aligned properly. There are styles with back support that help if you are like me and take long walks or know they will be on you for long periods at a time. Many moms argue that the way the legs hang on the Bjorn isn't comfortable for the babies, they should naturally be in a sitting position. I should also mention some mothers has also mentioned their concern that it may cause some issues in the way the legs develop. That hasn’t been an issue for me.  Abbey, was in it for well over a year and she has no leg issues. I will say that as their legs get longer and begin to hang to about where your legs start so as that can be a bit of a discomfort if you are walking up a hill or stepping upwards.

There are always pros and cons to baby carriers because it's all about what is right for the mother and child. This to me can depend on the mothers build and strength, and also the babies build and mobility.  The Bjorn to me has had great durability, and i love the option as far as forward and back facing for the baby.  It seems sturdy and it holds the little ones nice and secure. I have been very happy with mine, but again it's about what is right for you that matters.

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