Monday, September 2, 2013

Hot Spot: Rosie Pope's "Organic" Secret

You may know Rosie Pope best from Bravo's TV show Pregnant in Heels. She has been dipping her hands in just about everything. But now you can know her and Mothers of the as "the women that helped me get my waist back." Recently, she has teamed up with Belly Bandit to create "The Organic by Rosie Pope."

When I came home from the hospital after my first child, my mother asked me "where is your band." I was confused...what band? So, I went on-line and did some research and found that in many foreign countries you are given a band to reshape your waist. Jessica Alba was recently quoted in several magazines as saying she wore a double corset day and night for three months to get her waist back. I didn't use a double corset, but I did use one Belly Bandit. Today, there are other bands out there. Recently, Brooke Burke came out with a line and if you do some quick research you can find many more. I just so happen to use the Belly Bandit with both of my girls and found that is what worked wonderfully for me. Rosie spoke with Mothers of the about how she came across Belly Bandit.

As mothers, we often hear about the latest and greatest mommy products from other moms or those within our close circle of friends. The Belly Bandit came to Rosie the same way. "I first heard about it (Belly Bandit) from Heidi Klum's fitness trainer Andrea Orbeck and decided I'd give it a try as Heidi had found it so beneficial," she says. "I wore it religiously for 8 weeks only removing to shower and breastfeed and the results were amazing.  I believe looking good is a huge part of feeling good and I need to feel good to be the best mom I can be."

"I have been a long time fan and user of Belly Bandit and after having three kids I really credit it as part of the reason I still have a waist!," Rosie told us.  Many women keep their shrinking waist secrets to themselves, but not Rosie. "It's a great tool and many mother's little secret helper that
shouldn't be a secret anymore.... So we decided to partner so I could shout from the roof tops just how useful the band is."  As much help as it is to us mothers in getting ourselves back into our pre-pregnancy clothes, The Organic Belly Bandit by Rosie Pope aims at helping many people on a much deeper level.  "Both the Belly Bandit team and I also have a cause very close to our hearts and that is breast cancer so we decided that this Belly Bandit should help benefit the Shades Of Pink Foundation." A part of the proceeds will be donated to this organization, that strives to ease the financial burdens of breast cancer. There are so many organizations out there, so I asked Rosie why this one. "Shades of Pink foundation is incredibly important to both me and the Belly Bandit team who have either lost loved ones or know those fighting.  Raising breast cancer awareness and helping foundations that support the women and families going through it is so important to us."

Maybe this former Baroness could share her secret with Duchess Kate Middleton! If not with her, she is for sure sharing her secret with us. As I mentioned at the top, Rosie has her hands in a lot things!-- her own maternity line, several books, a TV Show, an advice column and she's the August cover girl for Parents magazine. So, what else can this mother of three add to her list? How about her own baby line? Great guess on my park. In March 2014 she will be launching Rosie Pope Baby. Rosie explained the line to me-- "from layette to 2 years for boys, girls and unisex and I couldn't be more excited to be able to keep providing great style and great function in both maternity and into baby clothes."

At Mothers of the we want to share the knowledge we mothers have learned from others. The Belly Bandit was a wonderful little secret used by both Rosie Pope and me.  To learn more about The Organic Belly Bandit by Rosie Pope go to