Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kidorable, Frankie & Sue, and more.... Fashion- Mommy Approved! Kidorable


Fashion is a way to express yourself and boy do our children like to express themselves. We at love fashion and know how hard it is as mothers to get out and find the latest trends and to find those great hidden jewels. Well we have found some to share with you just in time for the holidays. These fashions finds will make great buys for your little darlings or as gifts.

Frankie & Sue


I was on a mission to find something that was stylish, but something new too. Then a friend told me about a line by Frankie & Sue. The first thing I thought upon seeing the clothes was "Bohemian Chic." I think the line is filled with refreshing patterns and comfortable styles. As toddlers tend to run and jump around, you don't want to have something restricting them. The electrifying colors of the clothes are impressive! Pictures do not do it justice! 

Frankie & Sue designs don't look "cookie cutter." They have many colors to satisfy
many different types of children. "The colors were perfect for [my daughter's] skin tone," said Sanaz about her daughter Emma's dress. "I have it with us on our trip to NY," she says, "I also plan for her to wear it at Thanksgiving. The colors are very vibrant and the quality is excellent." 

 As a mom that loves fashion, I too was impressed with the quality of the clothes and their refreshing style and comfort. I thought my daughter looked adorable in it and the cut was perfect. An extra plus is that all products are 100% made in the USA. 

Footlights Dance USA 


Since watching Fame I have loved dance wear. It's not just for the dance studios but for everyday purposes. So I thought what better way to show that than by having our toddlers wear them. I have found many unique pieces for my daughters with Footlights Dance USA. 

Tutu's, tutu's.. I just can't get enough of them. Nicole wore a tutu over the Polkadot What leggings to give it a dancer look. Why get your tutu's at your local store, when you can go to where professional dancers go. "Alyssa could use her clothing as is or in layers for dance class, everyday wear, and dressy too," said Dayna about her daughters outfit for the Mothers of the Valley fashion show. 

As autumn brings winds and chills don't forget your leg warmers. "The leg warmers will be fun for cold days" says Dayna. Nicole wore hers with her capri pants. Both the capris and legwarmers have multiple uses. And to keep you extra warm you can layer the top with a dancer wrap from Footlights USA


Autumn is here and this is the time to start looking for your toddlers winter wear. You can go to the mall from store to store or... you can look up Kidorable for great winter wear rain coats and rain boots. I first came across the company when I needed winter boots last year for my daughter. I could not get over how (kid)-dorable:) the boots where. I purchased her a pair and she always had an excuse to wear them.

"They are stylish, but comfortable. Kids are always running around and moving. You want to make sure they look good but also feel good in what they wear," says Cynthia. "Tristan has worn the boots with no socks, because he loves them, and he has not complained once about them hurting his feet. To me that is style and comfort perfected." Boots can be a hard sell to toddlers, but guess what? Once they have them on they won't take them off. "(Tristan) loves them! I was a bit concerned he might not like the boots because he has never worn rain boots and he is a little fussy but he wants to wear them everyday!" 

As a mother, we want them to look cute, but you also want a product that lasts more then just a season. Thank goodness for Kidorable, because here we are at another autumn and I can't believe her fairy rain boots are still in great shape and ready for another year of muddy puddles and racing daddy down the block. And f.y.i., toddler fashionista Siri Cruise has worn Kidorable

 NANO Hernandez

Adding something funky and cool to a boy toddler is not easy. Think about all the times you had to shop for a boy toddler outfit. It's hard to find something that stands out and is of great quality. New and Wow is what you find in Nano Hernandez attire. Since I have two daughters, I couldn't visualize adding skulls or contemporary art to a toddler piece, but it does work. It makes me think, "that little man look badass, in a cool rocker way!" 

What is great for us parents is the quality of the sweatshirts. That is what Hiep told me about her boys Nano Hernandez sweatshirt. She said that her boys love to put the hoodies on and look cool. She went on to tell me that the other day she turned around and looked at them and took a double look. They looked like this real badass boys in the sweatshirts. It took her breath away. We both agree that the sweatshirts are of great quality cotton and do not lose quality in the wash. These sweatshirts are the kind you borrow from a friend and hope they never ask for it back:) 

They are not limited to boys either. Nano Hernandez makes attire for girls, toddlers and adults. The onesies are great for keeping the infants warm during the cooler days, and when it is warmer I just add a tutu and she is set. Whichever you chose they will keep your little ones warm during this coming winter, while still looking fashionable. Sanaz, Allison's mother says, "(I) loved the color and graphics on the (sweatshirts). They were a favorite." Nano Hernandez has that great combination of quality and unique style. Nano Hernandez took on the challenge in making boys toddler wear and did an outstanding job! 

Polkadot What!

You can wear your black and white leggings or your occasional colorful leggings. And if you need more than that to add a splash of color to your toddler's wardrobe. Polkadot What! may be just what your mini-me needs. I first noticed these legging on the daughter of "How I Meet Your Mother'' actress Alyson Hannigan. 

It is so creative how two different patterns can work together and really give the outfit a fun, carefree look. My daughter was so comfortable in her Polkadot What leggings and the shape didn't wear out for a long time. I added a pair under a tutu and a t-shirt and voila!... the capris are so darling why not wear them all year long, just add leg warmers and boots during the winter. 

Don't let the weather depict your wardrobe. Add some layers and a little dance style to make you a daughter shine not just at dance class, but outside the dance room. If fashionista, Sarah Jessica Parker has her little ones wearing Polkadot What, we have to take a look too. 

**To go to any of these designers homepage, please just click on the highlighted names.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Plum Organics RECALL

PLUM ORGANICS VOLUNTARILY RECALLS A RANGE OF POUCH PRODUCTS Emeryville, Calif., Nov. 8, 2013 – Plum Organics is voluntarily recalling specific pouch products within its Baby Stage 2, Tots Mish Mash and Kids lines after discovering a manufacturing defect that may cause spoilage in some pouches. Recalled products can be identified by the “Best By” dates ranging from 08/05/14 (August, 5 2014) to 12/08/14 (December 8, 2014) and the letters “AT.”

Plum has determined that the potential spoilage may cause some pouches to swell. Out of an abundance of caution, Plum is removing all pouches with affected codes. Parents should not feed any of these products to their children. Consumers who have purchased affected products should contact the Plum Organics Consumer Hotline at 866-495-3774 or send an email to to request a product replacement voucher. "As a father of two, I know how it feels to want nothing but the very best for our kids and yours,” said Neil Grimmer, president and co-founder of Plum Organics. “Over the years, Plum has worked hard to earn the trust of parents, and we fully intend on maintaining that trust. We are taking every action to ensure that our highest standards are being met

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fashion: First Annual Mothers of the Valley Event

Our First Annual Mothers of the Valley Event / Fashion Show is behind us and we had so much fun! 
Frankie & Sue designers Carol and Sue

A special thank you to our designers who participated in and donated to our fashion show--  Frankie and SueKidorablePolkadot What!, Nano Hernandez, Yari Daisies and We were even more excited to have a guest appearance by the designers of Frankie & Sue. What a treat!

More special thanks to our vendors for their time and work... Arte Bijourx, Clay Prints, Kidtyme, Teacher Resources for Parents. And a round of applause for Miss Melodee Dance Studio who were there all day and capped it off with a special performance by Miss Melodee herself that had all the kids dancing! For more on our designers and vendors please stay tuned. We will have more later this week. Until then please click here for some highlights: First Annual Mothers of the Valley Event highlights.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Entertaining: Creating a Baby "Surprise" Shower

Putting on a baby shower is a very intimate thing. It's not a bon voyage to a friend; it's celebrating a new chapter of her life. OK, I'm being a bit dramatic, but now also imagine you don't know the gender of the baby. That was our predicament when my friend Kathryn, Ashley and I prepared to create a perfect baby shower for our beloved friend and sister, Victoria.

I love the website Etsy and that is where I began my search for the perfect invite. I know that Victoria loves the vintage/shabby look, but since I didn't know the sex I wanted to make sure it wasn't too girly yet still had a bit of a feminine touch. I found four invites that I felt Victoria would love and sent them to her to see and to pick her favorite. The baby was a surprise, that didn't mean the invite had to be too. The invite is important because it sets the mood for the party.

A baby shower is usually held around the noon hour. People will walk around and chat... usually about the mom-to-be and how great she will be as a mom! It's not a formal sit down event, so we kept it simple. I wanted to add color so we had a fruit- berry salad. To add details to the food, Ashley added chalk label tags.


This is where our creative minds really went into overdrive. It means use your resources! I went to the websites Etsy and Pinterest for help.

Instead of pink, blue, baby boy and baby girl decor we each had the same idea of birds, vibrant green and yellows. It's not the colors that make the baby shower, it's how you use them.

- Dream Maker Baby Shower Game was my find on Pinterest. Everyone writes a dream wish for the baby, you attach a pretty ribbon to it and tie them all to an item of your choice.


 - One game that is fun and everyone gets a kick out of is the My Water Broke Game. Everyone has a drink with a miniature toy baby frozen inside an ice cube. When the ice melts and your baby is set free you yell,  "My water broke." The first to shout is the winner.

- "Measure of Love" game idea came from a shower favor that I saw online.  A company actually makes spoons with engravings. I liked the idea but I thought it would be cute and crafty to do them myself, so it had more of a "personal feel." 

"I found the 'measuring spoons set' at World Market.  She says "I used antique 1940's typewriter font for the tags, and just printed them onto the paper with the name, date, and measure of love words on it.  I used a stamp for the bird (obviously anything goes) - I cut them out from a different piece of paper and mounted them (with mounting stickers) onto the tag to give it more dimension." said Ashley.

- Embellish a Mason Jar as we did with a polka dot green ribbon around some fabric and tada!

- Sometimes things jump at you. Look around in the bins at Target or Michael's and they always have something. I found some 3D stickers with P's on it and added them where I could add some color.

- Simple wood spoons and forks can be jazzed up by adding the initial of your choice with a stamp.

- Kathy was just in love with the tissue paper banners she had seen on Etsy and knew it would add pizzaz to anything. 

- Finally add some cute cupcakes and you will have them eating out of your hands.

As I mentioned you don't have to go crazy in thinking boy or girl. You just have to add details with your friends and use your resources, like we did with Etsy and Pinterest

** Since this was written our mommy to be welcomed a baby "GIRL"