Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yo Pops Cake Pops to make you go YUM!

I first became introduced to cake pops three years ago when I walked into a coffee shop and saw the most adorable treats on a stick. I thought how could anyone eat something so cute. So, I did and I loved it. It was crunchy, chewy and like nothing I ever tasted before! Recently I came across Yo Pops Cake Pops and was impressed by how she took it a step further with the designs. I thought what better way to say I Love You this Valentines day then with a Yo Pops Cake Pops.

"My first cake pop eating experience was 3 years ago when I took a pop home from a baby shower," says creator of Yo Pops Cake Pops, Chris. "I remember biting into it and instantly loving the mushy deliciousness coated by the soft chocolate shell. It was divine!" she said, "A co-teacher gave me the Bakerella cake pop cookbook for my birthday a couple of years ago and I read the entire thing cover to cover in one weekend," she said. I too have a cake pop book, but after a couple of batches I was done. Chris had other thoughts. As many great things it started as a hobby, then about a year ago when her son went off to college, her friends and family encouraged her to take it a step further. And that is how Yo Pops Cake Pops was born.

"I can credit my preschool teaching background and love for arts and crafts as creative influences for designing little pieces of art on a stick. Since each pop is handmade (with love) every order is a time

consuming project." And she has yet to encountered a project that she couldn't master? "I've yet to face a challenge I couldn't conquer, however a request for the Battle at Gettysburg cake pops did leave me a bit stumped" she says. The possibilities are endless, for it's the customers imagination that she brings to life in a Yo Pops Cake Pops. "The most complex order I've ever filled was for 100 wedding pops, each one unique to look like the wedding guests. That order took two days to complete." Now that is impressive! How do you think you look on a Yo Pops Cake Pops?

It seems that it has been word of mouth, Instagram and Facebook that has continued to bring costumer new and old coming back for more. One of her surprisingly biggest client is a dentist. He recently placed a  60 dozen order during the holidays to give as gifts to colleagues and potential clients. If the dentist gives it a thumbs up, I think it's good enough for us.

Don't think your limited to chocolate or vanilla, you have your choice of vanilla, chocolate, yellow, red velvet, carrot, cinnamon, lemon & strawberry to be wowed by. For more information go to Facebook business page under Yo Pops Cake Pops or email, or text/ call me at (818) 618-5315.