Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Celebrating a Fashion Super Mom

Everyday mothers are trying to find a balance between being the disciplinary parent and fun parent. You may not always feel like Super Mom, but we want to tell you that you are. This month we are putting a spotlight on Amber W. for incorporating something she loves into her little one's life and making it their own. Recently, we saw a picture of a princess dress Amber made for her daughter Ella, who loves to play dress up. It was super cute, that she inspired us to have her as our March's Super Mom.

Amber is a stay-at-home mother of two. One teenage son and a three year-old daughter. Running around balancing both is not easy. She is always trying to stay on top of the school work, soccer games and finding creative ways to spend time with her daughter. One day as they were watching Project Runway, Amber told me Ella said, "We could sew too, right Mom?" No pressure on mom right? But Amber rose to the occasion. "Lets go pick our fabric and make something," Amber said, "her first request was sleeping beauty's party dress.  I sewed that one with just needle and thread. Then my mom leant me her sewing machine for the rest."  

Ella's Belle Dress
Ella's Elsa Dress

"I sewed a little in high school, but mainly made pillow covers and sewed curtains for my VW bus.  This was the first time I actually made a dress or clothing. " Amber said, "Most of my sewing was altering clothes that I owned.  I wanted to make them new again, so I would turn jeans into shorts or T-shirts into tank tops or grip tops." Now she faced the toughest critic .... a toddler. After the Belle dress was made Ella wore it all day and said "Mom I love it! You are such a good sewer and I'm a lucky girl" Amber said, "My heart just melted. That's why I wanted to make them. Just to see her happy." Amber may see the imperfect seams in Ella's first princess dress, but all Ella sees is the princess dress mom made just for her.  

We don't get a paycheck and we don't always get a thank you, but once in a while, it's great to hear that you're doing a great job. This month, we at MothersoftheValley.com want to  put a spotlight on Amber. We want to remind her she is a Super Mom that we noticed, and that she continues to inspire us to be creative. You Rock, Amber!