Thursday, March 20, 2014

Garden: Gardening: Journal of My Gardening Adventures

Planting a vegetable garden was always a dream of mine and then one year my husband said, "Lets do it!" He gifted me my own secret garden in our backyard. I was completely excited
and overwhelmed that first year. I thought it would be as easy as planting seeds or seedlings, watering them and watching them grow and give you fresh veggies. Not so easy!
That may be true with some plants, some are just harder to grow and some take special care to assure they thrive. I am on my third planting year and although I am still a novice, I have learned to have patience and also how to deal with some pesky pests along the way.
I wanted to share my gardening journey with you and also some delicious recipes that I have found or created using the fresh ingredients from my garden. This is definitely my favorite cooking season. I love picking herbs, citrus and vegetables from my garden and using them to make healthy and satisfying meals and save a few dollars along the way.

This year Tristan has also joined me in the gardening fun and you will see how we bond over the joy and struggles of taking care of our garden.


All pictures were taken today March 20, 2014.
Happy 1st day of SPRING!

Join me on my adventure from my secret garden to the table.

Posted by Cynthia Minsky