Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fashion: Mothers of the Valley Event Got Girly

As a mom, I'm shopping on-line now more then ever. I do still love the local mall, but I am always looking for unique pieces. Now with Pinterest I am being introduced to many new fashion lines and styles for my toddler and infant. At our Mothers of the Valley Holiday Boutique and Fashion Show we featured Persnickety, Baby Girl Dress and Their style is all about being a girly girl with great style and quality all rolled up into one.


"It's hard to believe that Persnickety Clothing Company began just a few years ago as a little clothing company that produced small quantities of girls' clothes to sell at farmers markets and fairs across Utah." Those are the humble beginnings of Persnickety. I found this treasure on Pinterest (click here for Persnickety boards) and was impressed. From all the follow board I can see I am not the only one. As a mom I was dazzled by the quality and the fabric. The cotton is thick and soft, and can handle any amount of play and wash. They have taken your basic color and made it into gold. I say that because I was never a yellow fan, but Persnickety took it and gave it a warm and rich appeal. I can now see my girls wearing it all the time. The Patch Work dress is just darling. The colors and the details of the dresses are excellent. They stand great on their own and flourish when combined. 

Persnickety is not just for special occasion, but for everyday wear. But, let me be honest they can only be so casual. They are classy with a touch of a Parisian style. Persnickety will make a splash at any party and will keepfriends  talking the next day. At the end of the day it's quality and style that count and Persnickety delivers. Don't over look the accessories section, they are just as fabulous as the clothing. 


I was wowed by the coats by Baby Girl Dress on Pinterest (click here for Baby Girl Dresses follow boards). The clothing is very girly girl with a touch of pizzaz. Now this designer is not your local designer, she is all the way from China. With over 90% of her sales going to the USA, she knows what we like. The Baby Girl Dress collection has classic styles of past generations and all that is girly. The clothing  has great details of lace, feminine colors, and girlish ruffles. She gives me the feeling of a child playing dress-up in mom's closet. With your local stores having the basic prints and designs, it's nice to see clothing that has more details and flare. Oh how fun it truly is to dress up the kids!  Just looking at the clothing makes me want to sing, "I Feel Pretty."


One of our local mothers, Michelle, is adding girlish style to her party wear designs at She designs posh crowns, tutu skirts and dresses, birthday attire and hair accessories. She designs birthday Tutu and dress for girls, which can be a must have for an all girly birthday party. Her combination of the tutu fabric is like cotton candy or a mousse cake. She takes something simple and adds fairy dust to make it as girly as can be. Don't be fooled she can also make boys birthday shirts upon request. But her passion is all girly.

It was a great event, but not limited to clothes. Their was something for everyone and memories were made. Each of our guest received The Honest Company wipes, lotions and baby body wash to take home. The little ones enjoyed story time by author Barbara Gibson-Paul herself reading her book Max Pays Attention book. Moms were able to capture some moments with a mini photo shoot by Denis Butler and create a hand design with Piggies and Paws. Some found the healing powers of Amber Heals necklaces for baby teething pain and jewelry for moms with Origami Owl Jewelry. For the little ones an educational toy by Kidtyme is always a great thing to have especially on the car rides. And how can we forget the yummy Yo Pops Cake Pops. It was a great day for all. We hope to see you at our next event.