Thursday, April 10, 2014

Crafts: Entertaining with Shaving Cream


Entertaining used to mean having friends over for dinner. Now it means entertaining my toddlers. Our latest entertainment comes thanks to my husband… who brought home a big can of cheap old fashion Barbasol shaving cream and let the kids get messy!

To blow off excess energy after dinner, I've been taking the kids outside for some quick backyard play time. One of their favorite activities now is the shaving cream. I spray their outdoor table with shaving cream and let them make a mess. Do be warned… I do this in the evening or late afternoon, because it usually requires a bath after. And somehow, they are not the only ones getting covered in cream, I am too! Have a bucket of water, towels and a bath handy.

I also use it as a learning activity by adding food coloring. It's a great way to show the older toddlers what colors can be created by using the basic primary colors. For the younger ones, it's a great way to help learn textures. But the fun doesn’t end when you are done. My girls have just as much fun with the clean up process . Just take that bucket of water and clean away. My daughters love using a brush to help clean up or just drenching themselves with the water as it slides off the table. After this it's time to bring in the towels and head straight to the bath.  

** Do rinse clothes after using food coloring, as some colors may leave stains. I used a spot remover to remove any spots I find after the wash.