Friday, April 4, 2014

Fashion: Garnet Hill Kids Spring Style

As the parties approach, you have to start planning ahead. What will your little ones wear to all the birthday parties, family get together and Easter/ Spring family pictures. You may find your answer in Garnet Hill Kids. Garnet Hill Kids has a variety of fancy dresses for each occasion, some fancier than others, but all just right for you.

"We are dedicated to providing quality and excellence in everything we do, " says Garnet Hill "Our mission is to delight you, exceeding your expectations every step of the way with unique product, exceptional design and outstanding service. That's the Garnet Hill way." This they have taken to heart and have excelled. The quality of the clothes is outstanding. The fabrics are rich with texture. When I received the first dress I didn't expect to be so taken back by the quality itself. The pictures don't capture the fabric quality and detail of the stitching.

Garnet Hill Kids came to me two years ago when my mother received the catalog with her Garnet Hill order. We flipped through it and found a posh Easter dress. The style reminded me of an English tea party you see in magazines. Everyone is wearing their finest clothes with the sun hats and gloves. I just thought it was a looking dress. When I pulled out the dress it brought that vision to life for me. The dress was of the best quality cotton. The thickness of the dress allowed the dress not to lose it's shape. The details of the bows and flowers gave it a youthful appeal. Just because they're infants, toddlers or kids doesn't mean that the quality should be any less the perfect.  

Just about every season I look to Garnet Hill Kids for special occasion attire and every time I am impressed. This past season I couldn't pass on the Fantasia Dress. Sure the sizes started in a size 5 and my daughter just turned 3, but how could I say no. When I received it my daughter just loved it. She demanded to wear it and I was already to two steps ahead. Maybe it was the dress or her laughter, but it was a moment of pure joy. 

When my little one outgrows her pieces you know her younger sister will be more than happy to take those hand me downs. After they are outgrown we'll want to keep them as mementos. Maybe for them or for grand children. Ok, I am thinking too far ahead, but the quality will withstand a couple of generation. In today's time, when majority of the clothes can't even make it past a season, it's nice to know that Garnet Hill clothing will make it way beyond then and hold everlasting memories for you and your little ones.