Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mothers Story: Super Mom Times Two

Adventures, daring with an abundance of energy is how we would describe Heip (pronounced Hip) our Super Mom of the month. As a mother of twins, Conrad and Roman, Heip has been on the go from the beginning. She has been in four words a Super Mom times two.

"I have twins in the family. Paternal grandmother, my side…3 sets of twin," Heip tells me, "5 female cousins on paternal side have identical girls…scientist say identical twins are not hereditary!! ha!" What were her thoughts when it was official that their twins were on there way,"Oh goodness, I better start doing all my research!!! and so I did the entire pregnancy!!" I can't imagine anyone more prepared then Heip. She does her research and is always two steps ahead. She has two of her own to look after and yet when she is out with her friends and their children she watches over all the kids. Nothing gets by her. She is always upbeat, positive and full of a wealth of information. Her husband told me that he is amazed by all the energy she has and if I could even dare to imagine she had even more prior to the boys. And of course he couldn't stop telling me what a great mother she is. This is not to say she doesn't get tired like most moms do. She has just found her beat and we are just lucky to be dancing by her side.

When I asked who was older Conrad or Roman, I was surprised to learn that they decided not to tell anyone, not even the boys. "In all the research the older or first born would usually use this to one up the other and also physically beat up the younger one" she says, "reality is I didn’t want this to be the constant subject that they would differentiate each other with." The twins I have known  always seem to be such opposites twins, that is not the case with these little ones. "They are very similar in the ways that society would categorize personality traits" says Heip. As predicted she went on to tell me that "they are still struggling for the alpha male in their relationship."

Watching Heip running around with the boys each week, looks fun and carefree, but it's not quite that easy. She was honest with me and said,"I have never been tired before in my life till these little guys." From the beginning Heip has been trying to stay one step behind, "this entire experience has been a challenge, there has been nothing easy about it. It all started with the high risk pregnancy, they shared one placenta, one twin completely relied on the other feeding him the entire pregnancy," she continues, "They also possibly shared the one sac… then I couldn’t find a hospital to delivery a without c-section policy.. they also had very scary gastro intestinal issues till 18months…." You wouldn't know this when you meet her because she is always looking at things in a positive way and is such a tough woman. Spoken like a true fighter she says, "I definitely just accept everything and have become completely diplomatic and peaceful like Ghandi. I don’t think anyone can pick a fight with me…."

Coming from a very fast pace job prior to kids most would think that being a full time mom would be easier. For Heip it use to be waking up at 530am then swim laps, breakfast drive off to work followed by lunch meetings. With her spare time she would always take some kind of academic class, dine out maybe fly out of town every other weekend for fun, unless on a work trip.  Nowadays it's a new adventure. Heip says on school days she is up at, "630/7am and get breakfast rolling. Breakfast done and cleaned up by 815, fully dressed shoes on  830, mess around in garage till fully seat belted, reverse out of driveway by 837 at school 3 minutes early or just there!" then once they are in school there is no time for a break, " (I) pick up groceries and do whatever I can that is difficult having them with me…12noon pick them up. Lunch and some sort of play date or planned activity…then nap at 145pm-4pmthen quick fruit snack and back out again…then dinner at 615, then bed at 9pm…Then I knock out or stay up for couple of more hours.." 

Though Heip and her husband were outdoors people, it is nothing like they are today. "We were much more active travelers.. This outdoorsy thing started when they started walking," she says "I had to figure a way to contain them….the trail hiking was really great. they had to stay on the path and focus on their surrounding. from walking, hiking, climbing.  I found these wonderful mountain bike balance bikes when they were 18 months and they moved on to those on the trails." Not all these hikes are without a little danger. Just a couple of weeks ago during a family hike Roman started tumbling down the side of the hill. What does Heip do? She dives right after him and takes a beating down the hill. Roman himself had some bruises and scratches, but there was lioness ready to take most of the beating for her cub. Still aching and in pain from the fall, it didn't stop her from keeping the boys from their play date two days later.

Being a parent is hard and being a parent of twins can be double the trouble. Conrad and Roman are well behaved, smart, kind, well mannered and thoughtful. Yes, there are many moments when they can be a handful, like when they destroyed their fathers office wires and all. But at the end of that day good kids don't happen by chance. There is a lot of love, hard work, devotion and sweet that goes into it. With all this Heip says, " (the) Rewards is everyday and all  rich my life is with love, friendship and being part of this world" due to this mother of two.