Friday, August 22, 2014

Series: Keeping Cool in the heat with SHAVE IT

The San Fernando Valley can be so unbearable this time of the year. I'm on a mission to find the most delish treats to help me and my family beat the heat. With kids it has to be more then just good-- it has to have an atmosphere that will entertain. A big hug has to go to my husband for finding Shaved It. The sweet ice melts in my mouth mentally while transports me to the beach, while my kids dive into the colorful ice. That is just what I was looking for.

Shave It was started by two mothers who took what they loved most about Hawaii, shaved ice, and brought it the valley. Now each store is individually owned, but that doesn't mean that the original owners are not still hands on with each store. As you walk into Shave It,  you instantly escape from the valley heat outside. The surfing music playing in the background that really sets the mood. The kids too have their own red carpet sorta of entrance with the water filled tiles that change colors when you step on them. My daughters are so entertained by this. Brad, the owner, describes Shave It  as, "cool, (and a) refreshing desert that comes in great floaters and doesn't weigh you down or cramp your life style." My daughter Abbey describes it as, "yummy," simple and to the point.

On our most recent visit, Abbey tried one of the fan favorites, the Rainbow. The Rainbow is a mix of cherry, banana, and vanilla. When I asked Abbey about her thoughts on the Rainbow shaved ice she told me it was "the best." My daughter can be a bit particular about about what she eats, even when it comes to treats. Do you like to mix them I ask, "no, I like to eat them one at a time."  Does she have a preference? No, she tells me she likes them all. It was hard to even ask her anything, because she kept scooping spoon after spoonful into her mouth. She describes her treat as "Sweet," and "it's good, it's very good!"

As a mom I want something to be good, but not too sugary. I was pleasantly surprised when owner, Brad told me that Shaved It is doing its part in providing us with the sweetness while eliminating some of the toxic ingredients. "One of our 8oz Shave Its has less sugar than a can of regular soda," he says, " And the sugar we use is real cane sugar-not HFC!" If you want to go a step further they offer all of their Shave Its in sugar free style.

For you ice cream lovers 
Shave It also makes something for you too. I myself tried the chocolate covered strawberry special. What girl doesn't love chocolate covered strawberries right? Brad tells me that just like their shaved ice, they are conscious of where they get their products. The ice cream comes from a dairy in Santa Barbara know for its premium ice cream. "It's all natural, and tastes like ice cream should taste!" Brad tells me.  "And it's true about ingredients you'd recognize. For example,  there are 6 ingredients in our vanilla bean ice cream (cream, milk, sugar, non-fat milk solids, organic egg yolks, vanilla, vanilla beans). It's a difference you can taste!" he says.  That makes me feel a bit better while I dive into my ice cream. And I think everyone "can't help falling in love" with the Elvis special of banana shaved ice with peanut butter chip ice cream topped with fudge!

You can choose from the 31 Shave It flavors or choose some of the favorites: TROPICAL SWELL (macadamia nut ice cream with Guava, Passion Fruit, and Mango shave ice) or the PIÑA COLADA (coconut ice cream with pineapple and coconut shave ice topped with frost). But any flavor will help you and your family cool down as our summer afternoons heat up!

Highchairs: No
Child's Menus/ Servings: No
Changing Tables: No
Customer Service: Excellent
Fundraisers: regularly supports school fundraisers

Phone number: 818-345-7428
Web-site: Shave It