Monday, September 22, 2014

Baby Must Haves Registry Items

There are so many baby products out there to choose from, but there are those must haves above all the rest. Forget registering for all the bottles and bibs, I have the answers for you. 

Sophie the Giraffe

Just about everyone knows the Sophie the Giraffe whether you're a parent or not. Sophie is not just the latest toy trend, it's a necessity. The popularity is at an all time high in the US, but it has been a household name in Europe for many generations. This product has been around for 50 years and over 50 million of these toys have been sold. When you see the first sight of teething reach for the Sophie. Each part is designed to help with teething. Since this is going in there mouth don't fear of toxic chemicals, Sophie is made from 100% natural rubber. According to the Sophie makers "Vulli, the company that produces the popular teething toy, has kept the exact making of Sophie Giraffe a closely guarded secret. It is known however, that there are over 14 manual operations involved and that the Vulli teether, Sophie, is still “traditionally” produced to this day." My daughter loved her Sophie and I am so thankful for it.
Aden + Anais

Aden + Anais swaddle blankets is an essential! Of course you can use it in it's traditional use as a swaddle, but I used it for more then that. If you live the cities that can hit those hot digits it's a must. Due to the breathable cotton muslin fabric I felt secure in placing it over my daughters car seat when I was out and about. I knew that the light weight fabric wasn't hold in the heat and that is very important. This was also the blanket that I used for my daughter when she first went into the crib. I wanted to make sure that when the blanket moved around she wouldn't be suffocated by the thickness or weight of the blanket. My eldest daughter, now going on four years-old, still uses her Aden + Anais blanket. Being from the valley when the nights get uncomfortable she still likes to use her blankest to cuddle with and not have the layers of heat on her. These are only a few uses for them that I have discovered. I am sure there are more.

Word of mouth has gotten around and you can see many celebrities using Aden + Anais. Even, Prince George styled his own Aden + Anais blanket as he made his debut to the world. Now, you can also have them personalized with your little ones name. Such a treasure. I know these will be going into my daughters treasure boxes to hand down to their children one day.
Prices can start as low as 34.99 for a three pack

Balboa Baby Nursing Cover

Nursing Cover Measures 26" height x 46" wide
price vary from $35.99 and up depending on style
There are so many nursing covers, but I found the Balboa nursing cover to be the best due to the quality and the shape. I didn't feel as if a heavy blanket was on me or my little one. I would put it over my daughter as I had her in my baby carrier and I could walk around hands free with out any concerns. The shape of the Balboa allowed me to be able to nurse her without concerns of over exposing myself due to the fabric securely in place. The fabric is structured so that the neckline hold the fabric away from me. I could therefore peek in on her to see if she was feeding, taking a break or just to enjoy the moment, all while enjoying a cup of water. It also had an additional use for me as a stroller cover. 

This is on of the original baby pillows that allows you to nurse your baby with additional support. I loved the Boppy. I would just place my little one on the Boppy, adjust her to where she and I would be comfortable and just let her nurse. To those working moms who have to rush home and go straight into nursing , you can use this support, for it allows you to get a bit to eat while you nursing. When I got home my daughter would nurse from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. I just placed a burping cloth on top her and have my dinner. It's not ideal, but she had to eat and I had to eat and the Boppy gave me the support to do that. I also had an additional use for the Bobby. I would place it behind my daughter to support her while she played with her toys. This way if she tipped over she would land on something soft. Child must be supervised if she is not able to roll out of positions or not able to hold themselves up yet.