Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Crafts & DIY: I Love My Mason Jars

I am huge fan of the mason jars for various reasons. They can be used for decorating, storing, gifts and so much more. They seem to have endless possibilities. If you look around, you will see the mason jars are just about  everywhere. I've seen them used as candle holders, soap dispensers, drinking glasses and more. Here are some of my favorite ways of using them. You just can't go wrong! I did have a small mason jars filled with chocolate candy as a party favor to share, but I ate them all before I made it home. 

Mason Jars in its traditional form of storing jam... yummy!

Mason Jars party favors are making the rounds. I think this is so clever. My friend just filled the jars up with M&M'S and added ribbon as a party favor. So simple and  cleaver. Below is a 
mason jars wedding favor, the M&M's party favor never made it home. It was that good. Now that is a yummy party favor. 

Mason jar wedding favor. All the ingredients to making your own 
cookies at home. 

Don't be limited by putting ingredients in a mason jar. I was at Cupcakes Couture of Manhatton Beach and saw a twist to a cupcake, by using a thin small mason jars. Just forgo the wrapper.  

 Have you heard of a cupcake in a mason jar? 
Love this to go order.

Vases... I was at a friends home and saw a variety of places she used the Mason Jars as a vase. The first was the bathroom. It gave it a chic feel. Another way she used it was as a center pice next to a display of her wedding picture. Flowers are beautiful on their own. If you don't want a traditional vase to overtake your flower arrangement, simply put them in a mason jar and enjoy their elegance.

Just place your flowers in a mason jar, 
and it will add a vintage style to your home

I filled this mason jar with soaps from Hawaii.
This adds a beach feel to my bathroom


Shabby Chic Mason Jar Birthday Center Pieces:

I wanted a Parisian/ Shabby Chic theme to my youngest daughter's birthday party. I took several mason jars and used them as center pieces for the guest tables. I painted each one with different shabby colors, I added some flowers and voila! The tables had a fun, cutesy feel that I loved. It was really simple and added a unique element. A few "how to" I can share from experience-- be gentle when washing the glasses, the paint may come off upon scrubbing (I learned that first hands:).  And you must use a sealer after painting. You can find that at your local hardware store.

Clean your mason jars and pick your paint colors

Let the painting begin

Add a second layer once they are dry

My Shabby Chic center pieces are ready for the party