Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Diaper Rash Cure

What happens when you try just about everything to cure a diaper rash and nothing is helping? That is where I was a month ago. My 21-month-old daughter developed a serious diaper rash. I did what I would regularly do at the first sight of a diaper rash, but it wasn't enough. The tears on my baby’s face broke my heart during each diaper change.

I soon found that I needed to apply diaper cream after each changing, yet it kept getting worse. Before heading to the pediatrician I gave it one last shoot. My friend Valerie went through this a couple of months ago, so I asked her what her doctor recommended. It wasn't a prescription, but an over-the-counter cream called Belmax. I like to call it an "over-the-counter miracle." After just one application I saw a change for the better. Less then two it was all cleared up. Truly a diaper cream above all the rest.
There are many treatments that work for diaper rashes here are some of the things I have tried.
Diaper Creams:

          1. BALMEX: Miracle diaper rash cream of all creams
2. DESITIN: Works on 99.9 percent of diaper rashes. 
3. A+D: Used this over night to prevent diaper rashes. I, myself, have not seen it cure diaper rashes

4. VASELINE- Recommended to me by my daughters pediatrician when I had my first daughter. When they are newborn I found it especially helpful. At this time the poop is very sticky. If you apply at each changing it will be a clean wipe. This is such a must the first several months.

5. BABY POWDER w/ Corn starch or simply CORN STARCH- I will be honest, I have not used this, but my friends have sworn by it so I must pass it on.  

Don't over look the diaper wipes when it comes to diaper rashes. They may make the situation worse and a painful experience for the little ones. I love the Kirkland wipes not just as diaper wipes, but also for multiple uses. When it comes to diaper rashes put the Kirkland wipes away and reach for The Honest Company wipes. What you may not realize is that the Kirkland wipes have ingredients such as  ethylene and and ethanol that are similar to alcohol. It may be a small amount, but on a diaper rash it can be painful.  I wiped my daughter with the Kirkland wipes and it went from bad to worse to the point that she ran from me when it came to a diaper changing. I quickly turned to my Honest and they did the trick. The Honest wipes contain no alcohol and are all natural. This helped so much during this process. I hope to not be on this situation again, but if I am I will be prepared.