Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kristin Cavallari: Wife, Mother & Modern Day Fashionista

It's not Laguna Beach or The Hills anymore for Kristin Cavallari, it's "mommy world." Kristin is that mother we love to hate for having such an amazing post-baby body after two children. In addition, to being a mother of two, she is a wife to Jay Cutler (quarterback of the Chicago Bears), shoe & jewelry designer, host of E!'s The Fabulist and is continuing to add a mobile platform to her resume. She tells me what are some of the things that help her balance motherhood and everything else that comes along with it.

Guest Co-Host on Access Hollywood Live

Kristin has been making the news recently for her post baby body. She shared with Access Hollywood, Billy Bush one major factor ... good genes. But she hasn't relied on just her good genes. She has a non-diet approach, "I think eating healthy is 80% of it. I’m constantly reading labels, and won't put toxic chemicals in my body." She went on to say that, "I never count calories… it’s just all about eating real food. I worked out until the last month of my pregnancy, and I did a lot of leg and butt workouts." It's refreshing to hear that it's not a 'I can eat everything and not gain a pound.' When Kristin eats out she doesn't over analyze her food. She makes sure to have a balance. For some, that may not be enough. We need a real kick in the butt to get us going. Kristin, admits to one of her secret weapons ... Brazilian Butt Lift DVD. "Funny name, but it really works," she says. 

You've seen many pictures of Kristin in magazines wearing great fashion styles. As host of  E!'s The Fabulist she loves to talk fashion, has her Chinese laundry collection, has a jewelry line, Emerald Duv, that captures a beach feel to it and has guest host on Access Hollywood Live. If you can catch your breath long enough from this long list of things she is somehow balancing, you will see she is just added a new level of coolness. You can now say that Kristin is a true modern day 'Fashionista.' Kristin recently teamed up with DWNLD—a mobile platform that allows anyone with a smartphone to create an app—to launch an eponymous app that focuses on health, fashion, and more. She is low taking fashion to just about every level there is. 

During her Kenya trip in 2010
She is no longer that little girl from Colorado. Kristin has separated herself from her reality tv persona. In addition, to her role as a wife, mother and fashionista has been involved in several charities over the years. This includes "Until There's a Cure" public service advertising, to raise awareness and funds for AIDS and HIV research and vaccine development. In 2006, Cavallari appeared in ads for PETA, was part of the NOH8 Campaign in support of gay marriage. In January 2010, she traveled to El Salvador for charity work as well as to Kenya to work with the non-profit organization One Kid One World.

I asked  Kristin a couple of questions of how she balances it all and some question you mother e-mailed me. Here I what she told MothersoftheValley:


Mothersofthevalley: Most of the time us moms are so busy getting the kids ready we rarely have time left for us to get dolled up as we leave the house. What are 3 must have things for a mom to wear/do when she only has 5 minutes to get ready.

KC: Klorane Dry Shampoo is amazing for in between washes, and it gives hair volume. I love Armani mascara, because it makes the eyes pop, and Revision tinted moisturizer.

Mothersofthevalley: You really look great post (2) baby deliveries! What are some of your fitness secrets you would like to share. Are you into juicing?  Yoga? What workout exercises/routines do you like to do? Workout Videos you can recommend? 

KC: I think eating healthy is 80% of it. I’m constantly reading labels, and won't put toxic chemicals in my body. I never count calories… it’s just all about eating real  food. I worked out until the last month of my pregnancy, and I did a lot of leg and butt workouts. A great DVD that I like is the Brazilian Butt Lift. Funny name, but it really works.

Cynthia: Spending alone couples time is important in growing a relationship. What are some of you and Jay’s favorite date nights?
Wedding Picture of Kristin and Jay
KC: We just like going to dinner and having a glass of wine. It doesn’t happen very often, so we really enjoy it when it does. 

MothersoftheValley: How long have you been organic? Are your strictly organic or do you try to eat as organic as possible? Is the whole family organic?

KC: As a family we try to eat organic as often as possible. If I’m cooking at home it's organic, but we don't stress about it when we eat out. I’ve been like that for over 10 years, but it wasn't until I got pregnant with my first one that I took it up a notch. 

Lindsay: For those moms trying to move towards a more organic way of living what are the ingredients in food products that you made a point to eliminate?

KC: The most important ones are high fructose corn syrup, any food colors and genetically modified ingredients. I actually have an entire list of what to stay away from on my app (Kristin Cavallari in the App Store). It’s all about having a healthy lifestyle with some fashion and beauty mixed in.

MothersoftheValley: We know kids can be picky about their meals. What are some of your go-to meals for the boys?

KC: We got lucky with Camden because he likes everything we like. Eggplant Parmesan is one of his favorites. I make a healthier version that isn't too bad for you. He also likes salmon and loves veggies, so he’s easy. If he’s in a picky phase, we just give him a little BBQ sauce to dip his food in then he's good to go!

MothersoftheValley: What surprised you most about yourself once you had kids?

KC: How happy I am. I knew that I would love it, but I finally feel like I’m doing exactly what I'm suppose to be doing. 

Photo by: Jonathan Clay Harris
Kristin in Chinese Laundry Candence flat

Lucy:  We moms love your Chinese Laundry shoe line, but during the pregnancy we can be limited. What are your picks for the different stages in a pregnancy?

KC: Thanks! The Cadence flat is good throughout the entire pregnancy because it's comfortable and incredibly stylish as well. My Copertina heel is also really comfortable, and it comes in a million colors. It's a great staple shoe, not just during pregnancy.

Natalie: It's important to take care o
f our skin. What is your skin care regime? Must have skin products? Skin peels?

KC: I do a scrub once or twice a week… I like an organic one by Acure. I use vitamin c and moisturize. That's about it. I don’t fuss too much with my skin... it's sensitive. The most important thing for me is to wash my face at night even if I'm exhausted.

MothersoftheValley: Between your job and Jay's NFL job you must travel a lot with the kids. What are some of your traveling secrets to survive the flight with two boys?

KC: The plane is the one place where they can have/do whatever they want! Anything to keep them distracted and behaving well. That's when Cam is allowed to play games on the iPad. I also pack a ton of snacks, and I bring his favorite toys and coloring books. 

MothersoftheValley: What are your five must have’s in your diaper bag? 

KC: Healthy snacks, chap stick (cam loves putting it on and it will keep him entertained!), cell phone charger, lotion so my hands don’t dry out from washing after changing diapers, and one of whatever cam is into at the moment, so right now I have a little toy car always in there because he’s obsessed with cars. 

Kristin is honest about what it takes to maintain her hectic schedule and that includes working out, healthy eating, having an amazing nanny and still learning how balancing two boys. I just love that. It's what I call "a real mom's, mom." Someone that doesn't hold onto the information, but is willing to share it with other mothers. 

Will she be adding another member to her family? She has said that is the plan, just not right now. Will we see her on reality TV again? Probably not, but that doesn't rule out her being behind the scenes. I am excited to see what she is doing now and what is to come.

To learn more about Kristin's ventures you can go to her official pages: