Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday Warnings

No need to wait for Black Friday the holiday sales have already begun, but are they really a great deal? Just like your food, you have to read the labels. What can appear to be a great savings may not be as large of a saving as thought. 

Here are some items that I found that were well... a bit sneaky. The main place to watch for discrepancies is Amazon. The vendors can sell items for whatever they decide. So don't settle for the first item you see keep looking. 

Don't be quick to make a purchase. This Disney Glitter Glider Play set is only a $2 savings when you look at the fine print.

When you see any Frozen item you are quick to buy. What makes it more alluring is when it has the work SALE on it. Well, this Disney Princess Role Play dress when you look closely is only a $1 savings|. When you go on-line to look for another version of the Anna dress it can be about a $3 difference between two dresses. It all depends on the wording. 

Target's Disney Sofia the First Doll and Dress is a great saving of $25. You save $14. Now this is a Sale!

This one has to be my favorite "what were you thinking" sale signs. It looks like a great deal right, but if you look closer it's a $.90 savings. It caught my eyes and of many other people because it was sold out. 

Now I have found Amzaon really have vendors that more then double the savings. They've raised the prices on Amazon. You must be careful not to pick the rist item you see. The reason is that it may not be as great of a deal or worse it can cost you over twice of the original price. This Frozen Pinta alone at Party City cost $19.99 and the banner is under $6. The total for this on line ranges from $20-$55.99 they may include the banner and even the candy.