Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Top Six Christmas Gifts

The count down to Christmas is coming to an end, but you may still be missing some great items. Here are my top six items for the little ones.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls dolls:

This is Hasbros answer to a growing My Little Pony fan. My Little Pony: Equetria Girls is all about personal style with fun accessories. They are spunky and due to the use of bright colors, they will bring a smile to your little ones face. And since they are all about the music you can get singing doll too. Now your child can be the leader of her own band.

Kinetic Sand:

There is no substitute for the Kinetic Sand. This is an all time favorite of my daughters. It moves through your fingers smoothly. It stimulates your child's creative side and allows then to use there touching senses. This soft and stretchy sand comes off completely clean and dry. So there is no mess mom. And now available in varies colors! 

Target: Circo Baby Doll: 

There are so many baby dolls to choose from with a wide range of prices. While we love such dolls as the American Doll, it seems that the younger kids favor Targets Circo baby dolls. It may be because they are very flexible, easy to handle or just so cute. They come at great prices and style.

Mega Bloks First Builders:

Building a castle can be a fun experience. Mega Bloks First Builder gives the little ones confidence and can entertain them for hours.

Boba Mini Baby Doll Carrier:

I loved my Boba Baby carrier and I know my little one will love hers especially since she loves dolls so much. I saw my neighbors 3 year-old daughter walking around with her own baby doll carrier and I she just loved it. Such a hot and creative gift.

Fisher-Price Little People:

Little People sets are a classic and stand the test of time. We can all look back on our childhood and remember playing with a Little People set. They have not changed and it is time to give your little one this experience.