Saturday, April 25, 2015

Etsy Tea Party Fashion

A tea party always makes the perfect play date. What can make it even more prefect then tea and cookies? Dress up of course. I looked to Etsy for our tea party fashion pick because of their creative and unique fashion.

My little fashioista, Abbey, was the one with the vision behind this tea party. She loves to get fancy and loves her tea parties so I combined the two. I gave her a selection of dresses for her to pick from and she picked Josi Q Creations and Adella Bella Clothing designs. That is her thing.... dressing herself. I have to say she does a pretty great job and sometimes I am pretty amazed to see the combinations she comes up with. I want to encourage her to be creative and find her style so I let her create away. Every day she asked when are the dresses coming and if we had her tea (chamomile) and cookies ready for her party. I couldn't let this little girl down.

Adella Bella Clothing

Thank you to Adella Bella Clothing for sending us the Pinafore Peekaboo dress is defiantly a fan favorite. The handmade quality of this dress matches any brand name out there. The pattern is so adorable. My daughter is quite taken with birds and butterflies so this was the perfect pattern for her. What I love especially is the quality of the material. It is nice and thick and holds well together. Especially after several laundry loads, you will still see the same dress you first set your eyes on. Being that the back has special detail the thickness of the fabric helps it keep its shape. As soon as we received the package my daughter, of course, wanted to wear it out to her friends birthday party. She loved twirling for her friends and telling her friends she was wearing her "Peekaboo" dress. Both her friends and parents thought the dress was beyond precious. I couldn't agree more.

 Josi Q Creations

Josi Q Creations made the perfect Tea Party/ Princess dress to complete our tea party. We just saw Cinderella this past weekend and this is the dress I could so envision little Cinderella wearing. The fabric is so shabby chic that it will make any tea party fancy. The ruffles are one of my favorite part of this piece because it gives it a delicate - regal look. The designer makes a complete look by creating a dress for today's modern day girl wanting to look like a princess from her fairytale books. This was for sure a top pick from us from Etsy.  As a mom I loved it because it holds the adorable style in place and is not too over powering on her. As any great designer will tell you the key to a great piece of clothing is to not have the item wear you, but for you to wear it. As you can tell Danica is holding her own in this chic dress and loving ever piece of it. 

Cheers to a successful tea party
Little Princesses comparing dresses

Special Thanks to: 
The amazing pictures by Leica Palma Photography

Our designers Josi Q Creations and Adella Bella Clothing

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

LUSH FUN Soap for kids

Let's get creative with bath time. I am always trying to make bath time fun and I found an item that is literally FUN by Lush. This molding soap helps the little ones be creative in the bath and leaves my kids clean and smelling great.

I discovered LUSH many years ago. I love the way it not only made my skin feel, but also of how great it made my bathroom smell. The scent is not overwhelming but, leaves a scent of sweetness.  The other day one of the mothers mentioned to me that her child was using a soap for kids that was like Play Doh. When she told me it was LUSH I was so excited. So I went straight to the mall with the kids and had them pick their own soap.

It was my girls' first visit to the LUSH store and they loved the whole experience. They smelled just about every soaps in the store and finally decided on Pink Fun. That night I cut a small piece for each to play with. My four year-old had a blast making shapes while my younger either used it to wash herself or dropped it in and had her Ariel doll find it. Either way both girls were having a blast. Afterwards my husband noticed right away how great they smelled. The aroma didn't end there, the next morning they smelled just as refreshing. I use it primarily as a body soap. Though I says it can be used as a shampoo it didn't really give that extra moisture that I like to have, especially for my daughter with curly hair. That of course is not an issue, because it really rocks as a body soap and as a way to make bath fun!

FUN is priced at $6.95 each and comes in FIVE colors, each being unique in scent. 
  1. YELLOW FUN: A comforting blend of vanilla and gardenia
  2. GREEN FUN: Lemon and lime oils for some zest
  3. RED FUN: A fruity combination of orange and mandarin oils
  4. BLUE FUN: bedtime blend of chamomile and lavender
  5. PINK FUN: Ice-cream scented tonka absolute and benzoin delivers a cheerful childhood blast from the past.
**FUN is made with a base of corn flour, talc and glycerine, it’s even ideal for bathing beauties with sensitive skin. All natural ingredients and safe synthetics.

**You must use half to 3/4 of bar to get the full bubble bath effect