Friday, June 19, 2015

Narrjite Drought Maybe Over

Yes, we all reported the closing of Naarjite all over the web just months ago. It was mayhem. Everyone was running to their local Naarjite store for those last pieces to add to their child's wardrobe. Some even stocked up in sizes. Well, I am happy to report that the drought is over and  Narrjite is back... online only.

It came without warning, all the US stores across the country were liquidating their stores including the web. Only the flag ship store would remain and that is in Africa. It really was heartbreaking. Facebook pages started to sell and swap Naartjie clothing. I found myself bonding with other mothers about how we lost another great store. Then just a couple of days ago I opened a link to what I thought was an old site and no it is true! They are back, at least online. It seems to be a soft opening since at times I have found messages of the site being temporally closed. It looks like the shipping to the US is an issue. With that said I hope this is the beginning of more to come, if not I hope that at least the online site remains. Please keep checking to see when it is up again. I will try to keep you posted when it makes it's full opening. Fan support always has an impact.

For us, that are constantly trying to figure out how to pronounce Naarjite here is the official pronunciation: The name "Naartjie" is pronounced nar chee. Happy shopping.