Thursday, July 23, 2015

Art with a Make-up Brush with Darcy Gilmore

Darcy Gilmore: talented, intoxicating laugh, and can wow you with a make-up brush. I worked Darcy at Access Hollywood many years ago, what stuck with me is her detail to skin care. She is able to bring out the beauty in a person with just a make-up brush. Not only that, she genially cares about what happens to the skin before and after the make-up goes on and off. I reached out to her so she could tell me some of the happening behind her work at The Voice as head make-up artist, her calibration with Make Up For Ever/ Sephora and any tips she could give us for keeping our look fresh, without the mess.

"Take a smell, it should smell fresh. Mascara should be 
changed every month or so"
Darcy Gilmore on how often to change make-up

The Voice is NBC's big hit and behind the scenes Darcy Gilmore heads the make-up department. What does her job entail? "My job is to crew and hire makeup artist for both our stage days and also for our reality portion of the show." One of those steps is to assign the looks and review the makeups once they are completed to create a cohesive look on the show. In a nut shell making funky, glamour, edge and country look epic, not like a circus. It's not as easy as it sounds since the shows has coaches: Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell with their own flair for style. Then you have to add all the contestants that come with their own unique style and personality. Darcy has to know not just make-up, but a little of everything else too. And as I know Darcy she does it with that wonderful smile and that enchanting laugh.

      A big mistake is not getting next to good lighting a decent     
       mirror to see actually what color is being applied. Nothing worse 
 than a demarcation from the face/ neck.
-DARCY GILMORE on common mistakes we make when putting make-up on 

Darcy has done make-up for top female celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Behati Prinsloo, Rachel Zoe and more, but one of her specialties is personal grooming for men. When I think of make-up when it comes to men I think of the hair bands and Brett Michael's with all the glam make-up, but there is more to it. Darcy has been Adam Levine's personal groomer for many years, she has to pay attention to details. What is "Personal Grooming"? It is an overall term used in place of a makeup artist. Darcy tells me that, "often men do not need makeup but rather their hair looked after and facial hair groomed. Also skincare falls under this job." I remember many years ago Darcy told one of the news reporter she was working with that he needed to get some facials and take care of the skin. I listened and knew then that she didn't want to cover up the dark spots and make the person look good for just that moment, she wanted to keep them looking good.

"I think I am best at the detail work," she tells me "being Type A and a Virgo I will work and blend and work and blend to infinity. I also really enjoy the collaboration with the stylist and hair person." Being on the Voice she has used many of the best lines of make-up. That is how her calibration with Make Up For Ever & Sephora come about. "I reached out to Make Up Forever season 4 of The Voice to try to get product support for the show. I literally love the company and respect Dany Sanz (the creator and artistic director of Make Up For Ever) tremendously," she tells me "they asked me to select one eyeshadow with 29 other artist as a part of the #30years30artist campaign." Make Up For Ever has put together a limited edition 30 Years 30 Colors 30 Artists Palette ($250) featuring 30 curated Artist Shadows chosen from  the Hollywoods top makeup artists in beauty & fashion, celebrity, film, television and theater.  Darcy is one who has the honor to be a part of this work of art. I know Darcy and she puts her heart into her work. What are her picks.... Coca-cola/ bronze brown shade and super versatile. "I have used on the red carpet and also The Voice. I dig it. It's I-606 Pinky Earth."

"A good dermatologist is the best way to control sunspots.Once they are treated then the most important  thing is to wear sunblock everyday all day and applied often. Even to eye lids and lips. People always forget their neck or chest and tops of hands." 
- DARCY GILMORE on secrets to sunspots
Darcy is always honest and when it comes to skin care she will tell you how it is, that is what I always take her advice to heart. Here are some additional  Q&A that Darcy is sharing with us to help us remember how important it is to take care of our skin.  

Q:What are your "must have" items from your Make Up For Ever line?
A: I love the Foundation Palette's. They are super because you custom
blend and create whatever color you need. No one on earth is the exact
same color every day. This is a something that every makeup artist
could use daily. Also it helps that it is a creamy consistency and
super build able. I also think Mist & Fix is a staple for us on Voice.
It keeps the makeup from transferring to close or changing as the day
wears on. And of course Mat Bronze Bronzing Powder. Dig it. It comes
in four shades and looks like you are flushing not turning orange like
many bronzers do.

Q: For woman, such as moms, who only have a few minutes to put on
make-up what do you suggest they focus on?
A: Sunblock, foundation with sunblock, a versatile product like a
convertible color that can double as a lip color and a blush and a
good swipe over the lids and finally a wonderful mascara.  

Q: What is the key to having great skin?
A: Lot's of water and sleep. And living a good life of happiness and good. health. 
The old fashioned things like getting your heart rate up everyday is important too.

Q: Whose make-up would you love to do that you haven't had an
opportunity to do yet?
A: Monica Bellucci. Hands down.

Darcy Gilmore. in pursuit "It's better to be late, than to show up ugly"
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