Saturday, July 11, 2015

Joyfolie from Head to Toe

If you have a pair of Joyfolie shoes you know you are on your way to being a mini fashionista. 

As many of you know I love to keep an eye on Etsy designers as there are many up-and-coming unique styles. That is where Joyfolie first debuted. Several years later my toddler can style a full Joyfolie assemble.

It all began with a pair of booties that owner and founder, Jessica, made for her daughter. She wasn't a seamstress she just had a vision for great design. Her friends convinced this adjunct English professor to sell her darling booties on Etsy and that is how it all began.

Both my girls love fashion so I let them pick their own pair of Joyfolie shoes. They couldn't decide and finally picked the fabulous Piper shoes and the delightful Jasmine shoes. At first I only wanted them to wear these glistering shoes to church or special occasions,  but then I remembered the advice a friend gave me. She told me to let me little ones play in their fancy shoes they love so much before they out grow them. So, after some parties I am letting them wear their gorgeous and regal shoes without worries.

I must mention what an experience it was to open Joyfolie package. The shoe boxes remind me of a Kentucky Derby hat box. It's an elegant drawer to store your shoes. In addition, it comes with the most elegant hair clip to match your shoes with. It truly is a full package.

For this photo shoot we enjoyed raiding Danica's closet and dressing in Joyfolie from head to toe. Every piece has it's own flair. Madeleine love the glittering Carnival dress, Abbey picked the fun Wild Flower Dress and Danica picked her favorite Shimmy in cream dress with fringes (from past collection) and added her Hazel in Gold Shoes. Oh and what fun they had. I have yet to try them, but they also have shoes for you mom! Will keep you posted if I find myself in a pair of Joyfolie shoes.

A thing to note for the shoes. The fit true to size, but on occasion the shoes with straps fit a bit snug to true size.

** A special thank you to our photographer: Lica Palma from LeicaPalmaPhotography