Monday, October 26, 2015

Last Call for a Pumpkin Patch

It's last call for the pumpkin patches. This is your last week to get those adorable pictures of your kids crawling, sitting or standing on those pumpkins. If you haven't been to Underwood Family Farm, put that on your calendar.

Underwood Family Farm in Moorpark is one of my favorite pumpkin patch destination. They have a bit of everything from animal shows, pony rides, tractor  rides, small farmers market, pick your own veggies and of course get some of the best pumpkins for the right price, plus more.

One new attraction that is a must mention is the bean pit. We adults may not think much of it, but the kids do. It's just four pieces of wood put together in a large square shape filled with beans. Yah, that pit will amuse your kids like nothing ever has. My daughters spent at least an hour in there. It is like a day at the spa with you with your kids. You get a chance to really just sit there and enjoy watching them have fun. They are not running around, just making snow angels and coffee for mom out of beans.

If you have yet to get your pumpkins or need more Underwood Family Farm has pumpkins for a steal. Your traditional pumpkins are by size not the pounds. So, the smallest one will run about $3 and a very large one will be $12. When I say large I mean huge. I managed to get a couple for our home and for the girls school at a great size and price (between $3 & $4). Of course they have specialty ones that are by the pound. Those are usually the crazy funky ones.

During the holiday's and Fall Harvest Festival my suggestion is to visit during the weekdays. There are less crowds and the entrance fee is less (
$6 weekdays vs. $15 weekends). The weekend does have it's perks there is food, pig races, performance and more that are not available during the week.  Parking is not a major issue, you just may be parking in the back if you arrive too late in the day. Make sure to wear comfy shoes after all this is a farm. Underwood Family Farm is great for all kids, including the little one in you. 

Moorpark Farm Market
3370 Sunset Valley Rd.
Moorpark, CA  93021

Other location:
Somis Farm Market
5696 Los Angeles Ave.
Somis, CA 93066

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Apple Picking in LA

Fall is here or that is at least the rumor I've heard. We are still being hit with the heat, but take a nice drive to Oak Glen and you can experience the fall experience of apple picking. These u-pick orchards can be up to 6 miles long, so be prepared to give your little ones some help. Our girls (2 years-old & 4 years-old) took turns climbing on daddy's and papa's shoulders as they picked pears and apples. Apple picking season generally runs September through November, but check with the orchard because they seem to always have something growing in their area. 

12201 South Oak Glen Road
Oak Glen, Ca 92399

If you want to get the full experience of apple picking Riley's Apple Farm is the right place to start. You have apple and pear orchards for miles. The kids will love to run around and get that east-coast like experience of the outdoors. It is not limited to apples. They have pears, flowers, pumpkins, pressed apple cider, and more. My suggestion is to arrive very early. It does tend to get very crowned. We walked for quite sometime and found lots of pears, but never truly found those delicious apple trees. That didn't matter, we were too busy enjoying the orchard. It really is worth the early morning wake up. Riley's is opened thrugh Thanksgiving weekend\Open Tuesday through Sunday from 10-4. There are two options for picking. You can buy a bag for $18 and fill it up or have your fruit weighed in after your picking is done. We opted for the bag so that we didn't have to wait in line later in the day when it got busy. We just walked around and enjoyed the day and pick as we pleased.

39611 Oak Glen Road #13
Oak Glen, Ca 92399

If you want those delicious red apples Los Rios Rancho does not disappoint. You will find an assortment of apple trees and the kids will leave with a smile on their face. We found a secret entrance (back entrance really) off the back end of the Riley's Apple Farm main store. It was perfect because we got our experience from a large orchard and left with the best apples from Los Rios Rancho. The girls had a blast because the apple trees were at their level for picking and those that weren't, well they just hoped on one of our shoulders or arms and picked away. Each of our girls left with a large bag full of apples. Two weeks later we are still enjoying them. Los Rios Rancho charged by the weight of your bag only. That can benefit you as it did for us. Our bags were filled to the max and cost us each about $17. Again plan to arrive early. The season (Sept-Nov) hours are 7 days\week 9am-5pm.

Apple Annie's Restaurant 
39062 South Oak Glen Road
Oak Glen, CA 92399

After a fun day of apple picking we kept heading down the road until we found Apple Annie's Restaurant for a perfect meal to the end of our day. It is nothing fancy and a very limited menu. That I think may be the key to having just about everything off that menu tasting so great. What I think is so darling is the way the waiting line is set up. Each poll alongside the line has the guesstimated time you will wait in the line. And it is pretty true to it's time frame. So, if you have little ones one parent can wait and the other can take them to the Oak Tree Village for a look around at shops and and a mini train ride. But before you leave don't forget to take one of their signature apple pies with you. You will never see such a large pie and taste one so delicious. We took one home that weighed 5.5 pounds of yumminess. You will be eating it for days and every bite will be as good as the one before.

To truly enjoy each apple picking arrive early to avoid the crowns. For those in the Westside and the San Fernando Valley it can be an hour and a half drive to two-hours. Riley's has a pretty large parking area, that can handle more cars, but it too can get filled up on the right day. As for other orchards once they get filled you will have to street park. For many that are coming from the West side or the San Fernando Valley check the Rose Bowl listings for activities. That can make your drive home not so charming. Another note for the little ones, I recommend wearing legging or pants. You will be going through fields and dirt paths. This will help you avoid scratched, some fruit flies, and major dirty all over their legs. It truly is a great experience to have with the little ones. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Must See: Mother Hood' Video

My latest must see YouTube video. Love it because it says what we moms are sometimes thinking. Yes we can all be judgmental at times. But the true message is that at the end we must support each other, because we are one mommy village.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Princess for Your Party

I am sure you have already received the first, maybe second party invite for your little ones this year. We are now at three and the school year has just begun. What can be the tricky part is picking the right entertainment. There are many princesses out there that make a great Elsa, Ariel and more. The hard part is finding them. I have found one place to go for your royal entertainment... Wishing Well Entertainment.

Ella's guest captivated by Rapuzel's story

I went to a birthday party a couple of years ago and was blown away by the Rapunzel that they had hired. She not only looked the part, but was a princess through and through. The kids were entertained by her singing a-long story telling. At one point, which is my favorite part, a guest of the party asked Rapunzel if she cared for some food. Her response is classic, "no thank you," she said, "I already had my parfaits this morning." He thought it was the funniest thing, I thought it was just a perfect response coming from Rapunzel.  

Since then we have hired Wishing Well Entertainments for all of our princess parties. A true sign of a princess is when they get the seal of approval from my youngest, Madeleine, not yet 2-years-old she went and sat on Frozen Princess (Elsa's) lap during story time. We have hired Ariel, Rapunzel the Ice Queen (aka Elsa). I am not sure how often these princess worked together, but the ones we had hired were in sync with their story telling and singing. They made sure all the kids were having fun, and just looked happy to be there. They even made sure that before they left they took a group picture with all the kids. They truly made the party a success.

Though we have used Welling Wish Entertainment for our princess parties they are not limited to fairytale parties. Other options are super heroes, pirates and more. When I asked how they went about hiring the actors they told me that majority are SAG card holders (aka. working actors) and several work at the magic kingdom we call Disneyland. There are a variety of packages. What I have found to work for my little ones is the face painting and storytelling (that comes with sing-along). I've passed on my little secret to my friends, now I am passing them onto you. 

May a fairy sprinkle pixie dust upon your party and make it a royal success!

To read more about Wishing Well Entertainment click on our link to direct you to their home page.

*Also known as Wishing Well Parties

Friday, October 2, 2015

Active Wear for Mommies

I am guilty of this! I put on my work out clothes with the goal of working out. Sometimes I just don't make it there. Is shopping considered a work out?