Monday, October 5, 2015

Princess for Your Party

I am sure you have already received the first, maybe second party invite for your little ones this year. We are now at three and the school year has just begun. What can be the tricky part is picking the right entertainment. There are many princesses out there that make a great Elsa, Ariel and more. The hard part is finding them. I have found one place to go for your royal entertainment... Wishing Well Entertainment.

Ella's guest captivated by Rapuzel's story

I went to a birthday party a couple of years ago and was blown away by the Rapunzel that they had hired. She not only looked the part, but was a princess through and through. The kids were entertained by her singing a-long story telling. At one point, which is my favorite part, a guest of the party asked Rapunzel if she cared for some food. Her response is classic, "no thank you," she said, "I already had my parfaits this morning." He thought it was the funniest thing, I thought it was just a perfect response coming from Rapunzel.  

Since then we have hired Wishing Well Entertainments for all of our princess parties. A true sign of a princess is when they get the seal of approval from my youngest, Madeleine, not yet 2-years-old she went and sat on Frozen Princess (Elsa's) lap during story time. We have hired Ariel, Rapunzel the Ice Queen (aka Elsa). I am not sure how often these princess worked together, but the ones we had hired were in sync with their story telling and singing. They made sure all the kids were having fun, and just looked happy to be there. They even made sure that before they left they took a group picture with all the kids. They truly made the party a success.

Though we have used Welling Wish Entertainment for our princess parties they are not limited to fairytale parties. Other options are super heroes, pirates and more. When I asked how they went about hiring the actors they told me that majority are SAG card holders (aka. working actors) and several work at the magic kingdom we call Disneyland. There are a variety of packages. What I have found to work for my little ones is the face painting and storytelling (that comes with sing-along). I've passed on my little secret to my friends, now I am passing them onto you. 

May a fairy sprinkle pixie dust upon your party and make it a royal success!

To read more about Wishing Well Entertainment click on our link to direct you to their home page.

*Also known as Wishing Well Parties

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