Thursday, November 26, 2015

Earth Baby's DreamWorks Jujube Trunk Show

Last week I made my way to Earth baby boutique for their Dreamworld by jujube Tokidoli and Sanrio trunk show. It had a bunch of yummy treats and some major cute bags!

For those not familiar with jujube it's a diaper bags line for all baby needs while being stylish. The current line now is the Dreamworld jujube Tokidoki Sanrio. Earth baby boutique is one of the few stores in the valley that carries this line. How do you get on on the list to be one of the vendors to carry the line? Well, once you show interest, they check your location out and then determine if you are the right fit for them. They are no Starbucks, which means you will not find their products at ever store. Just like the limited of supplies of each line they make, so are the limited stores they carry them in. 


I particularly liked Earth baby boutique trunk show because it had a fun and relaxing atmosphere. The store carries eco-friendly toys and natural care baby products. They also have a wide range of classes from cloth diaper changing to baby wrapping classes. Since the girls weren't in school they came along for the ride. They felt right at home with the yummy treats made by Singer Sister Sweet. DreamWorks by jujube ranges from $18-$200.


If you are anything like me, I carried just about everything in my diaper bag. There was everything I needed and everything I may need in my bag. Jujube has a bag for you. They have a bag that section off  your baby needs and your needs.  If you are out of the diaper bag phase, they have purses, handbags, tote bags, shopping bags, laptop bags, and all sorts of other bags so you won't feel left out ;)


Jujube is still headed by a brother and sister team.  Every three months a new line is introduced. Each line is different and just as special as the last. Since the line only makes a certain quantity once that is sold out great way that is it! They usually sell out in about two weeks. Earth baby boutique will be closed during the Thanksgiving/ Black Friday holiday. They will reopen this Saturday with a small business boutique event.

Earth baby Boutique
13454 Ventura Blvd. 
Sherman Oaks, CA

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Soap Never Looked So Yummy: Naturology

What do you expect from a soap? There are the basic anti-bacterial & moisturizing properties. Then what? Picking a soap is not so easy. As you walk through grocery stores, department stores or even your pharmacy you will find more and more options. Some have fancy wrapping, some have a signature scent or have a special design. But can they live up to their own hype? I recently ran across Naturology soaps and they just wowed me. Now did it live up to the test? This mommy thinks so.           

While taking my daughter to Kids Ahoy indoor play area Naturology caught my eyes. I thought the unicorn dust soap was so darling. I thought, can a soap this cute, be good? I have had my share of soaps that were pretty soaps and not much behind them as far as moisturizing. So, I reached out to the creator of these soaps to learn a little more. Inessa told me about all the behind the scenes of the making of Naturology. First all of Naturology soaps are cured and that take 4-6 weeks to curer. 

How about moisturizing? Inessa said, "I would say milk or yogurt soaps are the most moisturizing. We make soaps with coconut milk, rice milk, goats milk, organic yogurt, etc." Some are more oil based then others. If custom ordered, you can pick for many scents such as Lavender for relaxation. "The most popular scents are peppermint, sweet citrus etc. some of our creations are seasonal, so during holiday time our customers love Cranberry fig scent for example," Inessa tells me. All have essential oils, detergent free and "unofficially" organic. Inesse tells me that, "we can't claim that we are all organic because you would need to become certified, however we use natural ingredients and many organic ones."

Naturology has something for every type of skin. "Pure Olive Oil soap - which cures from 6 months up to 1 year. It feels less foaming but great for newborns, people with skin problems and it is made unscented," says Inesse. They also come on a variety of shapes and designs all handmade in Inesse's kitchen. This is as organic as you can get. My daughters personally loved the unicorn in the middle. And the rainbow duck. Santa will be stuffing some of these soaps in their stockings.


They aren't your traditional Dove soap, which I love too. Naturology adds an element of sophisticated, playful, industrial, and really anything you want it to represent as they can all be costume made. Naturology custom makes soaps for all occasion such as baby showers, bridal showers, care package and great Holiday gifts. One of the best compliments that Inesse has received from a client is, "I am addicted to your soaps." Now who wouldn't love that complete (I feel like this sentence isn't exactly done: love that complete what?). Her biggest fan is of course her son that is always placing custom orders himself from hippos, dinosaurs, and unicorns.

I don't know about you, but a soap can be just as hard as picking your food. There are way to many options today. There is moisturizing, energizing, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, therapeutic and so many more combinations that just make no sense. At the end you just pick anyone. Naturology is one that combines all the wholesomeness of a great soap.

Inessa owner of Naturology
For more information on Naturology you can go to: or visit them on facebook/ Instagram