Saturday, December 12, 2015

Santa List: Equestria Girls Friendship Games Dolls

Time is ticking until Christmas morning. Here is one of my haves to put under the girls Christmas tree that I want to share with you... My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games dolls.  We have all the dolls from the first movies and the new collection from the Friendship Games movie is out. It's more color, style and friendship.

What I look for in my gifts, especially having girls, is sending them a positive message. I feel that Equestian girls dolls fit that check list. They show that are all about friendship and forgiveness. My girls have a blast playing with their current dolls, so I want to add to their collection. Sometimes they even make the ride along to preschool.  The new characters have more color, funk and just as much fun. I am sure your little ones will enjoy and be their new favorites in no time. A little confession, in the purpose of research I played with them a bit and had a ball!

Prices vary from $10 to about $21 (some come in combo packages).

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