Friday, January 29, 2016

Jelly the Pug: Little Bit Country, a Little Bit of Funk

Jelly the Pug... a bit of country, a bit of funk and a lot of quality. Both of my girls love all that is pink and with ruffles, but have their own style. For Abbey she likes the delicate style with that country garden feel. Madeleine likes the simple cut with flair and a bit of an edge. Jelly the Pug is just what both girls love.

Diane the creator of Jelly the Pug began the clothing line in 2007. She started with sewing dresses and attending various shows selling her garments. She would pack up her clothing rack of the dresses, load them into her car and hit the road along side her overweight 3 year old Pug dog named Jelly. Soon, Jelly became just as popular as the clothing. When she drove into town for the shows little girls would ask to go to the “Jelly The Pug” booth. And that is how the name came to be “Jelly The Pug.” There was no marketing group, or publicity group, just word of mouth.

Emily wearing Jelly the Pug for picture day
At Jelly The Pug, they do it all, from "buying their own cotton, to sewing their own garments, along with all the crucial steps in between" they tell us. They use 100% handpicked cotton so it provides our little ones with the results softer material. All "fabrics must also comply with strict quality standards for Shrinkage, Color Fastness and Printing to ensure only the best fabric is used in (their) garments!"  What does that mean to us? Simply clothing that we can depend on.

Jelly the Pug clothing for your little ones mini me

I am not sure how I first heard of Jelly the Pug. I just know that one day I looked in my daughters closet and their they were. Truth is I just love to shop for cute clothes that I can depend. Jelly the Pug is one of them on my list that I like to share with you. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Last Act of Bravery Takes the Life of a Principal in Indiana: We Honor Her

Principal Susan Jordan pushed kids out of the way of the bus before it hit her, the bus driver told authorities.
We all have that special teacher we remember from our childhood. In Indianapolis that special person is Susan Jordan, the principal at Amy Beverland Elementary School, who died saving the lives of her students Tuesday. I may not have known her but her courage and love for her students and teacher have touched my heart and I like to pay tribute to her.

It was not a secret that Jordon was a star in everyone's eyes. Last May students and staff members at Amy Beverland Elementary School created an 11-minute video "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (see video below) telling her how they felt. Tuesday that joy turned into sadness. While Jordon helped load children for their ride home tragedy struck. The bus driver told firefighters that she's not sure why the bus lurched forward, but that she saw Jordan push several students out of the way, according to Rita Reith with the Indianapolis Fire Department. Two 10 year-old students are in serious condition with non-life-threatening injuries, but Jordon has lost her life.

"The longtime educator was a fixture at the school, spending more than two decades there as principal," according to CNN affiliate WXIN. "It's the reason Adam Baker moved his family to Lawrence Township, northeast of Indianapolis. 'It was for all the good things we had heard about Principal Jordan and everything that was going on (there)." In tribute to Jordon the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township, near Indianapolis, announced it would not hold classes Wednesday as the community mourns her loss. Amy Beverland and Early Learning Center at Amy Beverland will not be in session as to allow students and staff member time to grieve.
A statement was released by the school board praising Jordan and all that has given to her community. 
"Susan was an amazing educator. She had a remarkable way of making everyone she came in contact with feel valued and important," it reads. "She had a passion for children that is unmatched. The entire Lawrence Township Community mourns her loss and extends our sympathy to the Amy Beverland Community the multitudes of people whose lives she touched."

In addition, Mayor Joe Hogsett released a heart felt statement in response to today’s tragic accident at Amy Beverland Elementary School:
This afternoon, Indianapolis police officers, firefighters, and medics responded to a call – and a place – that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.
In the midst of tragedy, they responded quickly and with complete professionalism.  For that, I want to thank them. 
Tonight, our hearts are heavy – but full. From where we stand at this moment, our prayers go out: to the family of Principal Jordan; to the students and parents touched by this tragedy, and to two hospital rooms at Riley.
In moments like this, I know that tears come far easier than words. 
But – on behalf of the people of Indianapolis – I want the students, parents, and teachers of Amy Beverland Elementary to know one thing: tonight, we are all ONE family, tonight we are all part of the Amy Beverland community.
My thoughts and prayers are with Jordon's friends, family, students and her community. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Moms New Year Resolution

I begin every year the same way as many of you do with a New Year's resolution. This year I think I want to be a little more realistic. I'll starting with baby steps. So here are my goals: workout more, read books I can hold, make a 2016 family photo album, do some great cooking and tend to my roses. Doesn't seem realistic? Here are a couple of tools to help me out achieve these goals.

Madeleine and I going for a run
Working out, this one I am sure is on every one's list. I am not going to put the pressure on myself a have a rock star body. I am working my way up to being more toned. The first tool I have is asking a friend with similar goals to work out once a week. I say this because if we do too much together we can both burn ourselves out at the same time. At this point we may think that Starbucks coffee sound better then a run. You can try different classes to stay motivated. I am making it a priority to go straight for a run at least once a week after dropping off my daughters at school. Another thing on my list to help me stay focused is to take Madeleine on a  run with me while Abbey is in art class on the weekend. Madeleine can be quite a cheerleader. Sometimes hearing her voice saying, "lets do the big hill," helps me get in the mood to show her mommy can do it.  

A couple of books on my list

Book Club:
Reading a book. I do really enjoy reading, but have gotten away from it with just my everyday to do's. So this year I want to hold a book in my hand and enjoy it. Yes the Kindle works great too, but there is nothing like curling up with a book. I already have a couple of books on my mind. So, when I heard my friend talking about a book she was reading for her book club, I jumped on board. There is nothing that motivates you more then a moms night out to talk about a book you have read. If I only read a couple of books this year I will be happy.

Making their own salad dressing

Top Chef:
Top chef here I come. Now that the girls are getting older I want to start making meals that I think they may like and I have been meaning to try. Before kids, my husband and I loved watching Top Chef. We challenged each other on who could make a better meal and then judged each others meals based on taste, creativity and effort. They love to make meals with us, but now I want to take it a strep further. I want to get the girls involved by teaming them up with one of us parents and setting a challenge for each one of us. My goal is to have some bonding time with one child at a time and having them learn how to make some great meal. Most important for us is to really get creative with our meal and having the children try new things. 

Just a couple photo books on our bookshelf

Photo Books:
I take way too many pictures and need to do something with them. My goal is to start putting them into a book. First step is downloading the images onto a program such as Shutterfly monthly of just my top images. As the year goes on I can eliminate images. What is great about online photo companies is that you don't have to be creative. You pick your images and have them drop them into a book of your choice. If you are creative you can take it a step further by editing and change the pages up. The girls love looking through old photo books and running through memory lane. I thank my friends Brenda and Melissa for being my inspiration on this one. As Melissa said if it's not in the book it didn't happen.

I love my garden, especially my roses. This year I want to tend to them more. What I think will help is that my girls are older now and love having flower arrangements in their bathroom and room. I now have someone to share my love of roses. Auntie Lucy had been a major inspiration on my garden. The girls love to pick veggies and herbs of her garden and just eat away like bunnies. So, I let them plant their own herb garden. Perfect for a quick spice run when cooking my meals. Even better is that the girls will now have something to tend too. We didn't get crazy just some basic things to begin with such as Tyme, Basil, Oregano, Rosemary and Italian Parsley. If this works there will be more to come.

The pile of books that have been growing over the year

Like many New Years resolutions, they won't make it to the end,  but I am ok with that. We don't have to put pressure on ourselves and we just to keep it fun. Maybe put a little note up on a mirror to remind myself of some of these personal goals. Maybe pick some realistic ones and some challenging ones. What are your goals? You may surprise yourself on what you can do, when you get creative.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Fashion: A Joyfolie Start

Every year should end and begin with a little dazzle and that is what we are doing. Loving my last and first pick of the year with the Etta Dress by Joyfolie. If I could wear this dress I would.

I love the layers of fabric that gives it a full look. Never looks flat and frumpy after all the jumping and dancing. Then there is the material and detail to the dress. Something that must not be over looked. It is not limited and can be worn for many occasions to come including Easter.