Friday, January 29, 2016

Jelly the Pug: Little Bit Country, a Little Bit of Funk

Jelly the Pug... a bit of country, a bit of funk and a lot of quality. Both of my girls love all that is pink and with ruffles, but have their own style. For Abbey she likes the delicate style with that country garden feel. Madeleine likes the simple cut with flair and a bit of an edge. Jelly the Pug is just what both girls love.

Diane the creator of Jelly the Pug began the clothing line in 2007. She started with sewing dresses and attending various shows selling her garments. She would pack up her clothing rack of the dresses, load them into her car and hit the road along side her overweight 3 year old Pug dog named Jelly. Soon, Jelly became just as popular as the clothing. When she drove into town for the shows little girls would ask to go to the “Jelly The Pug” booth. And that is how the name came to be “Jelly The Pug.” There was no marketing group, or publicity group, just word of mouth.

Emily wearing Jelly the Pug for picture day
At Jelly The Pug, they do it all, from "buying their own cotton, to sewing their own garments, along with all the crucial steps in between" they tell us. They use 100% handpicked cotton so it provides our little ones with the results softer material. All "fabrics must also comply with strict quality standards for Shrinkage, Color Fastness and Printing to ensure only the best fabric is used in (their) garments!"  What does that mean to us? Simply clothing that we can depend on.

Jelly the Pug clothing for your little ones mini me

I am not sure how I first heard of Jelly the Pug. I just know that one day I looked in my daughters closet and their they were. Truth is I just love to shop for cute clothes that I can depend. Jelly the Pug is one of them on my list that I like to share with you. 

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