Friday, June 24, 2016

AmiGami: Craft Review

Summer is here and that means it's time for some summer crafts. Our latest find is the AmiGami pets by Mattel. It's all about encouraging the little ones to be creative and use their imagination. 

I purchased two AmiGami (Giraffe, Horse, Bird with bird house and Cat) for each of my girls to get them started. I thought it would be a prefect project for my five-year-old, Abbey. She loves having little pet toys and crafts. This is the prefect combo.  I wasn't so sure about my three-and-a half year old, Madeleine, since the packaging says 6+.  I found out the hard way that she was more then ready.  Many of you moms may have experienced this moment, when you get into your child's project a little too much and sorta do it yourself. Well, that was me and I paid the price, Madeleine screamed and screamed that I did it all for her. Abbey gave me that look of 'boy you messed up mom.' I found a way to regroup and get Madeleine crafting again. Honestly, I need to get one of these for myself. Now they keep asking for more. And yes, more are on the way coming.

Madeleine enjoying her AmiGami butterfly ring
Because my girls are a different age the AmiGami, I think, works for them differently. For my five-year-old it helps her be creative. There are many cut out parts. Several have a matching pair, many don't. There is no cookie cutter guidelines to follow you just curl, clip and create away. This allows the older ones to use their imagination It's all about being creative. For my youngest, I think that it helps her strengthen her hand and finger skills. The pieces are smalll, but not too small for them. And of course they will get creative.


The first step is to punch out the paper parts and strips. For those kids under five-years-old, I suggest helping them with this process.

You can use the curling tool on the strips before or after you have put them on the pet. You use the little pins to attach the paper parts on to the plastic figure. You can layer as many as you like and simply clip on the pin then pop into the figure. What my five-year-old taught me is that with some after the first layer you can do a second layer. Most pets come it extra pins & clips. It’s really easy to use and reuse. Best of all the pins clip on and off with ease.

With the second pets I let them do it by themselves and they had a blast. With Madeleine I have to be close by to give helpful "suggestions." Sometimes she just likes to take it all off and play with her pet without all the bedazzle. Either way she is happy.

There is a variety of AmiGami pets kits that come complete with strips of paper, stickers, pins, curling tools and other little embellishments. They vary in prices starting at about $3.30 and up. Best of all they are reusable. Each pet has a variety of paper bedazzle so that your child can create something new each time.  

We are loving our new find and enjoying gettiing creative. Hope you do too!

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