About Us

Leticia Harding- Owner + Creative Director

I'm a stay at home mother with two wonderful daughters. Abbey 3 years old, and Madeleine 1 year old. They are my inspiration for write this blog. 

When I became a stay at home mom it was a world I wasn't quite prepared for. I joined a couple of mothers groups and made great friends. This is when I realize that there is so much information out there that moms are not getting. I want to change that. I want to bring a variety of information from glam to hot topics that we moms need to know. 

My blog is designed to inform and support mothers by helping them find the tools to be the best parent, wife and self they can be.

Cynthia Minsky: Contributor of Minsky's Kitchen & Garden

I am a mother of two active yet sweet boys who keep me busy. Tristan 3, and Austin 6 months have thought me so many wonderful things about being a mother. I am fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with my children.

I enjoy taking my boys to parks, the zoo and for swims in the pool. Additionally I enjoy cooking yummy food for all of my boys which includes my husband. I love looking through cooking magazines and trying new recipes for my husband  who is always willing to eat anything I prepare. Crafting and fashion are two other hobbies I enjoy. I look forward to sharing info, recipes and experiences.