Book Reviews

JamBerry by Bruce Degan

My daughter found Jamberry in a box of toys that a friend gave her. I've seen this book, but never picked it up. That was a mistake! This book is a classic and reads like poetry. The rhythm and art come together perfectly. It floats like jam on a warn summer day. I love reading her this book and a good thing too because Abbey has me reading it at least 10 times in one seating. Be warned, you may have to have blueberries on hand after reading this book. Abbey's favorite fruit... you guessed it Blueberries.


We Made You Out Of Love: The Answer To The Number One Question On Every Child's Mind "Where Did I Come From? by Greg Marconi, Michael Marconi, Daniel Han (Illustrator)

We Made You Out of Love is our kids version of the birds and the bees story. This story is humorous, fun and enjoyable for the whole family. I personally was taken by the great art work. At first, I thought it was maybe more suitable for pre-school kids and up, but my daughter (2 years-old) loved the rhythm of the story and it kept her attention from beginning to end. Sometimes I have to read it to her a couple of times. She loves to carry it around and sits for long periods at a time just looks through the pages. Happy baby, happy mom.
Abbey enjoying one of her favorite books

Every child will ask at some point how they were made, well moms & dads here is your answer. Pick up this book and answer their questions. Just an idea to the authors, but it would make a cute movie. For more information on this charming book please go to:


Tyler Makes Pancakes
by Tyler Florence & Craig Frazier

What better way to review Tyler Florence new book Tyler Makes Pancakes! then by making pancakes.

First we join little Tyler on his adventure through the food market to find all the ingredients to making the perfect pancakes. We won't be alone because Tofu, Tyler's dog, will be joining us on this journey. The story is sweet and answers the question, "where do pancakes come from." This is a great way to start teaching your children where their food comes from and enjoying making a meal with them.

That leads us to the second part. Four of us mothers got together in reading this book to our kids and then making them the pancakes. They just loved the pancakes. It was great to have Tyler showing our little ones how much fun and yummy this book can be.

Little White Rabbit
by Kevin Henkes

Little White Rabbit is a lovely tale of a curious little bunny's journey through the forest. Along the way he wonders, like may kids, what it would be like to be tall or to “flutter through the air.” The story’s charm is matched by the warm pastel colors that capture the spring time feeling.  

Fancy Nancy's Marvelous Mother's Day Brunch
based on the creation of Jane O'Conner & Robin Preiss Glasser

If you love the Fancy Nancy series "Marvelous Mother's Day Brunch" will not disappoint you.  The art work is fabulous with 13 pop up surprises. It will entertaining your little one and it's a great learning tool for parents. Think of Nancy as your child's first thesaurus "escort is fancy got taking someone somewhere." Where else can learning be so much fun. This will truly be a great book to read this mother's day.